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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress

      These are such a functional way to spruce up your cutest outfit. Im a member of an influencial group called the "influensters" and was given the opportunity to try this product in a VoxBox program. These are so easy to use and the possibilities are endless when it comes a functional product. Unlike the regular glue on kind of nails, they lasted only as long as the glue did. These new Nail dress are not an individual nail with glue they are like a nail sticker. They are easy to remove with nothing but soap, water and a little scrubbing so its best if you want them to last the estimated 10 days you add a top coat to your nails or you will lose some definate color upon first hand washing. I have found many stores carry these including drug stores , walmart and Target so its very easy to get your hands on a package of these, they are reasonably priced and the variety will keep you coming back for more.
     I originally received these as a VoxBox item and had yet to actually give them a try because I thought to myself..sticker??how well will these work?? I found I LOVE them they are so easy to use, you clean your nails from all dirt, best to use nail polish remover followed by alcohol and make sure they are dry. I like the fact that these fit on all size nails and they can be trimmed to fit anyone from adults to kids. These are once again like stickers so easy to cut with scissors but you just trim the sides not the tips of the nails. You apply these to your nails, press to secure rub them in place, use a cuticle board to affix the sides, then lastly file the tips, SOOO EASY.
     Visit the website for more products they carry

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