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Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dollar General vs Dollar store

     Well we just got a Dollar General here in town and after driving by it on multiple occasions my daughter and I decided to make a visit to it today. I dont know how to say it without being blunt...I really am not impressed :(. I figured Ive seen people beaming over those for many years including my own grandmother, so I was expecting maybe a modern dollar store, walking in it was as if I walked into Big Lots. I had heard so many talk about what a great store they were and the amount of variety they have, variety "yes", employees on floor-1 "no", shopping carts in store at 10am"none"..overall impression..Walmart here I come :).
     I love shopping at the dollar store always something new esp when going to the refrigerated cases, whether it be cookies or creamer Im game for both. Like most stores you have to be a smart shopper because there are things on shelf you can buy cheaper at your neighborhood grocer but for the most part the refrigerated case is always a good stop. I can buy frozen hash brown potatos for $1 in stores they are around $2, coffee creamers (international delight big bottles)$1 in store $3.49, bake in oven cookies $1 in stores $2.99. Now who can beat that!!
     Dollar general was a real let down, everyone has their own opinion, but I really didnt see any BIG VALUES, to me the product was comparable to the price Id be paying in store some prices were even more than Walmart or Target(ex. Pantene shampoo..5.99$). I like my discount stores but each store is different and Im a huge bargain shopper and didnt really find any bargains here.

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