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Saturday, March 17, 2012

Kiss Nail Dress

      These are such a functional way to spruce up your cutest outfit. Im a member of an influencial group called the "influensters" and was given the opportunity to try this product in a VoxBox program. These are so easy to use and the possibilities are endless when it comes a functional product. Unlike the regular glue on kind of nails, they lasted only as long as the glue did. These new Nail dress are not an individual nail with glue they are like a nail sticker. They are easy to remove with nothing but soap, water and a little scrubbing so its best if you want them to last the estimated 10 days you add a top coat to your nails or you will lose some definate color upon first hand washing. I have found many stores carry these including drug stores , walmart and Target so its very easy to get your hands on a package of these, they are reasonably priced and the variety will keep you coming back for more.
     I originally received these as a VoxBox item and had yet to actually give them a try because I thought to myself..sticker??how well will these work?? I found I LOVE them they are so easy to use, you clean your nails from all dirt, best to use nail polish remover followed by alcohol and make sure they are dry. I like the fact that these fit on all size nails and they can be trimmed to fit anyone from adults to kids. These are once again like stickers so easy to cut with scissors but you just trim the sides not the tips of the nails. You apply these to your nails, press to secure rub them in place, use a cuticle board to affix the sides, then lastly file the tips, SOOO EASY.
     Visit the website for more products they carry

‘“Venus & Olay Razor"

     I received this razor being a member of an influential group called "influensters VoxBox program." I loved this razor by Gillette, it has 5 blades to get a closer shave and has a moisture bar to soften skin while shaving.
I like that it has an easy to hold handle for less slipping and dropping(I cant tell you how many other brands have slipped from my hand and broke on shower floor) makes it easier to get a better shave when you can hold on to the handle. I love the Olay moisture bar, it leaves my skin so soft and smooth with just enough lather that I know Im getting a good shave without the nicks. When you rinse off it just feels so soft and clean, you legs feel wonderful like you've spent a lot more time on them than you have. I always look for razors with a moisture bar, I live in California, I only have two seasons HOT and COLD, so my skin needs all the moisture possible. Im glad Gillette and Olay teamed up to make this product, two great products in one, ts a one of a kind product. You can buy the replacement blades at almost any drug store, including Walmart and Target, but dont look for this product on store shelves until it hits the markets on March 15, 2012. For any info on Gillette or any product they make, make sure you visit their website
Coming Soon! Refillable System with Venus and Olay

"Truvía® natural sweetener Product Review"

     I have to sing the praises of Truvia natural sweetner, made from a natural plant rather than a bunch of sweetened unknown chemicals. As I grew up, I grew up in a home of Sweet n Low, and that is what I used in everything from coffee to fresh fruits. Many times over the years I have heard that many health concerns surround the brands I had been using for so long, including a risk of cancer to users of such products. I only hoped that was not true, but after so many years I still didnt stop using the product....tilll I found Truvia. Truvia is not made by chemicals to produce the great taste it is from a plant that grows in the ground, so much more natural than being made in a factory. It provides 75% less calories than real sugar, its made from a Stevia plant, it browns like sugar does, and it can be used in any recipe that calls for sugar. It is natural and versatile which makes it great for the whole family to use. The FDA has not approved the product itself BUT it has approved the use of the most important part of the plant..THE LEAF.  If you are interested ina great sweetner that bakes like sugar and can be used in all your important creations.
I have to give a big BIG thank you to influensters VOXBOX program for the opportunity to try it and blog about it.

Saturday, March 10, 2012

***Influenster Love VoxBox***

     What an exciting invite I received when I saw I would be one of the "Lucky" to participate in the Influenster Community and receive my very first, very impressive Love VoxBox. I had seen many had already received theirs but I was still anticipating the arrival of mine. My USPS came to my home, like usual at 2pm, and handed me the box, and I couldnt wait for him to leave to tear it OPEN. Funny how, as an adult, the little boxes i receive in the mail can make me so happy. I ripped it open and was amazed at my Beauty Finds all packed into one little box and the statement inside says..test(done), evaluate(will do-done), and share(umm..dont know how much Im willing to share :0).
     The first item I noticed was the Gillette Venus& Olay Razor as well as a refill razor blade set  included. I love the Gillette razor while showering it glides so easy and the handle is shaped to easilly hold in any position. The olay moisture bar keeps the skin from getting dry and prevents razor burn if you are shaving outside of the shower. It has a nice clean scent and the scent from the moisture bar lasts the life of the bar. It is able to be used for multiple time and it contains 5 blades to guarantee a nice clean shave every time. The Gillette is sold at many locations I know for a fact Walmart and Target and the average retail price of the product is $9-$11, keep your eye out for coupons in your Sunday papers as new products usually have a decent coupon in papers after they hit stores.
     The Kiss Nail Dress was a unique idea for the box, as mine came in cheetah. As a mom of 4 I generally dont have the time or extra funds to go and get my nails done in a salon, and I do miss those days. I shop at many stores and i have a whole cabinet of nail polish and decals and always try to buy polish to match my moods, outfits or generally my needs. I look for anything new and just found "Ulta" and what a store that is so many things to choose from for nails and body. Needless to say, Im think Im programmed to hit the nail department in any store because that is where I always end up. When I was in high school I did use my fair share of press on nails with the little sticky pad but as most know if you hit something the wrong way the nail went flying off in an unknown direction. These little fashion nail stickers are pretty darn cool, esp to someone who has been known to break a nail in the blink of an eye and the press ons would never work for me anymore. The stickers are so neat, you make sure your nails are clean and dry, you trim to fit, apply and shape and you are done, no glue no nothing. They do last considerably longer than press on as they are decals and easy to remove with soap and water, no special tools, and can get a pack to match any occasion.This is a definite recommend for any lady looking to spruce up her nails, I actually bought 4 more packs and the a.r.p is $7.
     The Stash Tea is 100% natural premium herbal tea blend. I originally tried this tea when Starbucks first opened and this is what the served for hot tea. The Influenster box came with a variety pack, I love a variety pack of anything, it just means I can try something new every day and who doesnt love Something New. The tea is perfect when Im needing a peaceful me time relaxing moment with a book..or pretty much anytime Im needing something that is not coffee. Im an avid coffee drinker but coffee sometimes isnt in my taste at that moment so I do turn to tea(hot over cold, year round). The tea works perfect seeping in a cup or put over ice cubes for the summer. You choose from berries, flowers and mint style tea all of them are exceptional but my favorite to relax to is the Licorice Spice. Im not even going to guess where these are sold, so keep an eye out if you are looking for a genuine, humbling tea.
     Truvia Natural Sweetner by far is an awesome sweetner, so much more natural than your grandmas sweetner. I grew up with a grandmother who drank tea every morning and thru out day and always had her container of sweet n low on the table.  So you can guess what I myself ate and served as i got older because that was all i knew. As I got older and drank it or used it with EVERYTHING that is when the FDA came out with the many awareness warnings about the unhealthfulness of the product. By now I had served this to my kid sas well, so it was no surprise when they invented Truvia you can imagine I ran out to by that. I would rather feed my kids something that grows on a plant then something that is mechanically processed in a factory with so many warnings you cant name the real culprit. I use the Truvia on everything from cereals, fruits, tea and coffee and most of my baking as well. It has a sweet taste like sugar but better, I dont notice an aftertaste, it has many uses and safe to use on all ages. My grandma, if she were here today,cant say she would change to Truvia today but I know I would do it for my kids.
     I had to save the ultimate BEST for last, The Ghirardelli Chocolate bar, this box should have had a blinking neon sign that said "dont open till kids are in bed." Well with no warning I opened the box and right in the front was that chocolate bar+coupon and the kids came running like bloodhounds. Everyone tried to claim it 3 lil hands grabbing and pulling from the box I had to wrestle them to the ground(not really) but had to promise those lil hands they had nothing to worry about id share it with them after dinner. Ill tell you they have a memory like none other, all ate their dinner and all saved plenty of room for dessert. The creamy Devotion bar lives up to its name, so rich so creamy sooo milk chocolatey so going on hips if i was to eat it, but I had to fight tooth and nail for a little piece and it was soo good. This chocolate company has been around for along time and they know how to make a good bar ..OK exceptional candy bar I like the fact they came up with the individual pieces for those of us who have nooo willpower and could polish off a bar while watching a show. The big bars are great for a family everyone gets a piece!!
     Thank you Influenster for giving me this great opportunity to try all these products I would LOVE to do it again and again!!! Thank you to Gillette, Kiss nails, Stash tea, Ghirardelli chocolate and Truvia fro being participating providers.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dollar General vs Dollar store

     Well we just got a Dollar General here in town and after driving by it on multiple occasions my daughter and I decided to make a visit to it today. I dont know how to say it without being blunt...I really am not impressed :(. I figured Ive seen people beaming over those for many years including my own grandmother, so I was expecting maybe a modern dollar store, walking in it was as if I walked into Big Lots. I had heard so many talk about what a great store they were and the amount of variety they have, variety "yes", employees on floor-1 "no", shopping carts in store at 10am"none"..overall impression..Walmart here I come :).
     I love shopping at the dollar store always something new esp when going to the refrigerated cases, whether it be cookies or creamer Im game for both. Like most stores you have to be a smart shopper because there are things on shelf you can buy cheaper at your neighborhood grocer but for the most part the refrigerated case is always a good stop. I can buy frozen hash brown potatos for $1 in stores they are around $2, coffee creamers (international delight big bottles)$1 in store $3.49, bake in oven cookies $1 in stores $2.99. Now who can beat that!!
     Dollar general was a real let down, everyone has their own opinion, but I really didnt see any BIG VALUES, to me the product was comparable to the price Id be paying in store some prices were even more than Walmart or Target(ex. Pantene shampoo..5.99$). I like my discount stores but each store is different and Im a huge bargain shopper and didnt really find any bargains here.

Friday, March 2, 2012

**Cravebox February**Make-a-Date

     Every month Im awaiting the arrival of my Cravebox, anticipation and  excitement are some descriptors. This box is always kept a secret with a few hints but Ive never gotten any of them right, I guess thats what makes it soo cool! I originally wanted to do this because I love getting secret packages and the idea of never knowing whats coming is great.
     February's Cravebox was no different, always a surprise, some have called it like getting a Birthday present every month. It comes in a box with tissue paper covering it sealed and waiting for me to tear it open.
     The first item I saw when opening it was the thinkThin bars, nutrition bars for people on the move. Those with peanut allergies was alerted beforehand. We received both the thinkThin and the thinkThin crunch bars. The creamy peanut butter bar was good tasting, it was far better than most and after reading on the bars this is what the site had to say about the bar...
."Made with creamy peanut butter and cocoa, this delicious high protein bar is covered in delicious milk chocolate to satisfy any craving. With 20 grams of protein and zero grams of sugar, this tasty bar is entirely gluten free."  
The other bar was a crunch bar kind of resembled a granola bar to me but had a very good taste as it was chocolate dipped with nuts..
With 70% less sugar and 80% more protein than leading fruit and nut bars, this nutty delight is a good source of fiber and packed with peanuts, almonds and cashews for a nutritious and delicious snack.
Perfect meal replacement for people on the go or someone very active this would provide you with the energy to last till meal time. If interested you can get yours here.. thinkThin
     The Downy Wrinkle Release was included in the box and who couldn't use this at one time or another. I know, I didnt even know that this existed. I've always loved the smell of fabric softener and Ive bought Downy at one time or another but who would have thought a Wrinkle Releaser. I guess they made this for those people, who like me, forget they have clothes in the dryer at night and then when you get to them in the morning they look like cleaning rags :) Ok well I had to give it a shot, I left one of my daughters dresses in the dryer overnight with some other clothes just so I could test the product for myself. It is really simple to use and the bottle has directions, use spray on fabric in a sweeping motion(up and down) until slightly dampened., tug and smooth fabric then hang. So easy and small enough fits for travel. I'm going to assume its sold at most retailers that carry Downy products..
     The E-Boost all natural orange flavor Daily health Booster, its all natural and doesnt contain sugar or artificial flavors.The Natural Energy Booster with a tangy citrus burst and a lasting natural energy boost! This EBOOST formula is loaded with green tea, vitamins and super nutrients like Vitamin C, Vitamin D and B-12 in an easy to mix effervescent packet. It's low calorie and sweetened with Stevia too!  This is a packet of drink mix you add to 8 oz water and is only 5 calories per serving that boosts energy and immunity. I did try it, it is like you are drinking an orange drink had plenty of flavor and was easy on the stomach. If you are looking for an Energy Boost you can find it here..
     BicMark-it pens were a welcome surprise, in my home there is never anything to write with, so these were cool. They come in a variety of colors, permanent, fine point marking pens. These are perfect for crafters and have such a nice smooth line, perfect for creating posters. They are bright and bold and acid free. Great pens for adults and children with so many possibilities. Can be found at retailers that sell BiC products as well as craft stores and online retailers.
     And finally this is something new to me as a brand and product line, AmorePacific Moisture Bound Skin Energy and Treatment Cleansing Foam. The Moisture Bound is a bottle with a pump and it spritzes when pushed, has a light fresh scent. Its water free and botanical and meant to be used after cleaning and toning and can be used throughout the day. The cleansing foam is water activated and is meant to remove makeup and other impurities. It has a light scent as well and feels very refreshing after use. Since I hadnt heard of the brand I had to find the retailers and found they did sell the product at Sephora as well as online. If interested you can purchase products here..
     If any items interest you there are links associated and attached. Like usual, shespeaks, you outdid yourself and I continue to be amazed. Thank you for the opportunity to try allt hese great products and look forward to many more!!