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Thursday, February 23, 2012

**Personality Assessment**Is it me?? Kind of ;)

Plan Profile

This profile represents the strategists of the world who plan ahead for never-experienced possibilities. They are quick, ingenious, and good at many things. They are resourceful in solving new and challenging problems. They like to investigate new interests in sequence and thus may neglect routine assignments. They can strategize and visualize intellectual scenarios for achieving their goals. They enjoy solving puzzles. They enjoy them so much that they will investigate and think their way through different ways of solving the same problem. They are very energetic which may be mischaracterized as nervousness. Their high energy pushes them to seek new intellectual challenges although they generally are not athletically inclined.
Planners can be stimulating company as they can see both sides of a subject and argue articulately for either side, just for the fun of it. They can reason logically for what they want. They will work devotedly to meet work and research obligations, but they like pursuing several projects at once so they can bring fresh ideas to each project each day. They do not like routines or staying on one project at a time. They receive great satisfaction in seeing tasks accomplished.
They are independent souls, which may make them appear impersonal in their relations with others. They are apt to consider their gain on a project rather than their own feelings. They can be very direct and assertive which may catch some people off-guard. They have difficulty understanding the feelings of others. They sometimes apply strategizing to their working relationships and assume that others do the same. They may encounter difficulties in work relationships due to their doubting attitude and their involvement in office politics. This profile prefers to receive information in the same context, as it will be used. They look for patterns that relate to what they already know and then look for other patterns in which to try new possibilities. They tend to be slightly skeptical of all information and will examine it closely while reading between the lines for other data.
They learn from listening, thinking, and trying possibilities. They like to test things to see for themselves what will work and then try new approaches.
They will want to try anything-new use their hands to do it. They enjoy activities using their hands such as playing musical instruments, electronics, gardening, and cooking.
Decision-making is easy and quick, and sometimes they jump to conclusions too quickly without enough facts. They are technically oriented and like to deal with things rather than people. History and the past hold little interest as they think mainly about possibilities and the future.
They do not like to follow procedures and often miss designated deadlines if others are not around to assist.

DISCLAIMER:Xyte does not warrant or represent that the accompanying materials are correct or reliable. Any information provided by Xyte is based on the participant's voluntary answers and is only as reliable as the answers provided. There may be individual behaviors that do not fit the participant exactly. This may be a result of individual environmental factors or circumstances. The purpose of this instrument is to help the participant learn more about his or her individual behavior and to assist in business and interpersonal communications.

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