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Saturday, January 14, 2012

**Mommy Parties is the BEST group EVER!!

    Ive not been able to update my house party as my 16 year old son became very ill and had to have multiple surgeries and an extended hospital stay. Im happy to announce he is doing great and he is comfortable at home resuming his normal activities.
    Thank you to MommyParties for offering such as exceptional product and such a great product "share"kit. The box was absolutely stuffed with Crest and OralB products of which included toothbrushes, toothpastes, floss sticks, vitamis and great coupons. I chose to apply for this  program because, in my home my kids generally use Crest products as my older son became hooked on the flavor of the Crest For Me toothpaste. This toothpaste isnt nearly as harsh as adult toothpaste its got anice soft taste that my kids love. OralBan Crest provided the toothbrushes and they came in child and For Me series. The floss picks were very neat these were one thing I didnt grow up with, we had floss or nothing. The vitamins were something we use in our house but I will be switching to this brand my kids love these as taste is a big factor in them taking them.
    I decided to host my MommyParty with friends, neighbors, day care and Mommy group the ages ranged from child to teen and everyone was pleased. Because I was not expecting as big of a turnout I did have to use some of my coupons to purchase more toothbrushes and toothpaste I  sealed them all in bags and on the way out everyone got a gift bag. I had 3 doorprizes 1was the bottle of vitamins, 1was fora bottle of For Me Mouthwash and someone took home the copy of Cars2(after we watched it of course). We had a potluck our weather was reasonable and I had it early enough that we bipassed nap times.

The movie was well loved many were more excited about that we watched it during our brunch and afterwards was time to learn and teach about proper oral care. I printed some kid friendly sheets and had coloring pages made I as well found a video that taught kids how to brush their teeth properly with a kid friendly dinosaur.The parents all got to show by example to their kids how to use Mouthwash and that was pretty entertaining hearng all the oohs...and yuckies!!! The kids loved the products. The moms left with coupons and print outs the kids left with a new insite on oral care. Thank you Crest and OralB and THANK YOU MOMMYPARTIES!!!!!!

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