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Thursday, January 19, 2012

:) **International Delights Iced Coffee :)**

     Yep you read it right International Delights Iced coffee ,Sweet and Creamy, coffeehouse drink comes in Mocha, Vanilla and Original in a half gallon container. I was chosen to sample this product for feedback on its quality and consistency and he general nature of the product by VPvoice.
     I am an avid coffee drinker by means of home or nearest coffeehouse and as anyone knows Coffeehouse is expensive. I have in my home all the coffee pots, expresso machines and cappucino makers to make a good cup of coffee...BUT Iced Coffee never tastes the same as it does at your nearest coffeestop, at least mine never did till now :) This product is refridgerated it is self contained to make a great cup of cool refreshing bliss. Nothing to add but your cup and ice cubes, no mixing of ingredients besides shaking before you pour. How could you possibly mess this up???
     The Mocha was the first one I sampled it was very rich, almost like a milk shake, okay a softened milk shake, very chocolaty and smooth.
    The Vanilla has a very distinct Vanila flavor, it is thick and rich as well, seems a lil darker in color than the Mocha but maybe it was just my perception.
     The Original as just an ordinary cappucino flavor very good flavor just no added Vanilla or Chocolate. They all have their own personalities and all are very good.
     Honestly, I havent seen these in stores yet, maybe it just not in my area. My honest opinion, is just that, my opinion, if you are an Iced coffee drinker, like me, and you need something sweet LOOK no further than your neighborhood grocer.
     Thank you VPvoice for sharing this wonderful opportunity with me .

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