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Saturday, January 14, 2012

*CRAVEBOX* BiC pens, Baci chocolates, Nicole NIC Sticks,Mereadesso lotion

    This is one of the newest TRY and Tell programs out there. I was given the opportunity to participate in this program being offered through SheSpeaks. It sounded like an AWESOME program and I jumped at the chance. This is a program where you pay $10  month for a box of products that are a total surprise besides the hints you get via twitter. I was so excited knowing I had a surprise coming and I didnt know what it was going to be.
    In December I received my first box and I was beyond happy with the contents it was definately a complete surprise. I was out of town when it arrived with a sick child but it was a welcome surprise. I opened the box anticipating the contents and it was by far MORE than I expected, after all come on $10 REALLY!!
     In the box were 2 packs of pens both of which were extremely smooth writing and definately something I know I can keep to myself, girlie colors a definate must have by BIC.
     There was a chocolate bar by Baci Perugina with dark chocolate n nuts, very smooth very rich w just enough crunch. The same chocolate came  in truffle form w a hazelnut center, very rich but perfect for a  treat.   
     Nicole nail polish had a great very new product included it is called "Nics Sticks" I had never seen these before but it is sooo convenient its CRAZY, looks like a marker(thats what I thought it was) fits perfect in purse for nail mishaps. It comes in a tube, you shake, brush and go, put the cap on and put away. Goes on perfect like you are using a bottle the brush is an average shape and it doesnt dry out with lid on. Super convenient and Im on the lookout for more colors! Such a simple idea!!
     The final product was the topper for the whole box.I  had never heard of Mereadesso Lotion but Im glad  I have its the perfect lotion for this time of season for your dry skin especially on hands and feet. Its got a soft yet silky feeling in just a couple of uses you can really feel the difference. Its softly scented not overpowering its perfect for those "me moments",

I received this box courtesy of Cravebox and shespeaks and Ive agreed to include it and contents in my blog. If you or someone you know is interested in joining Cravebox click the link at bottom of my blog and join the notification list.
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