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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Pillsbury**Mary Mary and the Pillsbury Doughboy

Monday, August 22, 2011

**First day of SCHOOL** 08/22/2011

Well its that time of year, here in sunny California. The first day of school, what a day it is. The schools are soo packed with everyone trying to late register. My son was so happy to get back to school, it gets him away from his lil brother and sister.

Bzzagent: Car MD Vehicle Health SYSTEM

As a Bzzagent I get some very outstanding opportunities and this was one that I had NO IDEA about(the vehicle novice). I received the opportunity to provide my insite on this little Car MD there was a small fee included in this campaign but after reading up on it, it was too good to pass up. This is handheld and it attaches in your car and provides input on your vehicles health system. I, not being a mechanic, dont know the first thing about a car, let alone an engine. You hook this up to your car and then you plug into your computer and it comes up with all information in regards to the fix of your car, it gives you the problem and the solution and tells the estimate to fix the problem. You do have to download the software and the VIN #,s on your car, but anything that can save you some time and running around is PROOF for me. I did try it on both of my vehicles and .. They both passed with flying colors(yeah). Thank you Bzzagent for this great opp and if any of my readers would like PLease join me and become a Bzzagent.

Compleats Pasta Pix for She Speaks Blogger Opp

Compleats Kids Pasta dinners & SheSpeaks Blogger Opp

What a great party we had we had my day care kids, my kids, my neighbors kids and my neighbors day care. I had enough for every child and the variety was phenomenal the kids just couldnt decide what they wanted and what their favorite was. We had a pool party(kiddie pools) As far as their favorite I think Ravioli beat out all. I was given this wonderful opportunity by SheSpeaks being a blogger and had a wonderful turnout. The kids were able to eat, dance, color and give the most valued opinion..Their OWN. My camera is having issues and my computer isnt helping. I will still try to post pictures.
    The new Compleats Kids pasta dinners are such a good product for the lil ones, they are filling enough for a meal and so much variety. The texture is soft and the dinners are all related to pasta,  containing chicken or beef. 

Thursday, August 11, 2011

**Blogger Society**@SheSpeaks

I'm so excited I was chosen to be a blogger with a great company:

I was so thrilled to be chosen to have Blogger Status. SheSpeaks is a wonderful group of woman with a variety of opinions on products we know and use every day.  Ive had some great opportunities and invites and had a lot of fun. Being a mom of 4 Ive got time to try and speak the products I love and some that aren't so appealing( don't believe Ive  had any of those yet). My kids are my biggest Guinea Pigs when it comes to snacks or kids entrees. My husband and I are the ones who get the biggest pleasure because to my kids when a package comes and its labeled "SheSpeaks" to them its like Christmas every time.

Tuesday, August 2, 2011

**Bzzagent Campaign Dr Scholls Massaging Gel inserts**

I received a great campaign for Bzzagent to test Dr Scholls Massaging Gel Inserts.These are designed for added comfort on tired achy feel by providing extra support and shock absorption. I put them in a pair of my shoes and with one of the coupons I so graciously received bought a pair for my teenager. They are so soft and comforting, trim to fit and provide all day comfort, the blue rippled part is the massaging part and every step you take it rubs and massages the bottom of your feet. Dr Scholls has a money back guarantee, so if for any reason you are not completely satisfied they offer you "your money back." If you spend alot of time on your feet these are great.!! Thank you Dr Scholls and Bzzagent these are great.