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Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Moms Meet Seventh Generation and YoBaby Yogurt

   I had a great opportunity to share with other moms the wonderful products that Seventh Generation produces and sells. I have been enviromentally conscious but a sa consumer Im like many others I stick to the norm or what is available or smells good. I never really paid too much attention to what the Great smell of the product actually does, I always knew it took chemicals to produce that smell but never put 2 and 2 together. As much as I like the smell my whole use for the product comes down to getting the clothes clean. When the chemicals that make my baby and her clothes smell clean  come down to actually becoming an irritant I question how useful the smell really is. The detergent I was sent to sample was great it had NO color, no smell, and was liquid like I worked great and cleaned my kids clothes wonderfully. The baby wipes were just as soft and strong as my normal brand, no bells and whistles just a simple cleansing cloth that doe sa great job on lil bottoms. Lastly , I was able to sample the dish washing detergent it had NO color or smell it was gentle on the hands it cut the grease and grime, once again it was agreat product. Hands down my womans group loved it and Im a believer in the use of more organic products.
   I as well had the opportunity to try the YoBaby yogurt with my wee ones in the group as well as the mothers. We made it a little like a game I bought and served yogurt to all as samples to see which was liked best by flavor and richness. By far the YoBaby is NOT as soft and smooth as traditional yogurts it does have a interesting consistency but hands down it won on basis of flavor. The lil ones seem to like the YoBaby yogurt more after all that is who it is made for. Thank you Moms Meet for the GREAT opp!!
Im sorry Im having trouble uploading my pics :(

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