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Sunday, March 13, 2011

League Of Dreams for Children with Special needs

     What an exciting day, for my Jordan and a couple hundred other children here in Kern County. It was a great turnout, pictures went smoothly, team pics went well, the kids received there team shirts and hats. My son is a Dodger his sponsor is Terrio he has a few friends he has known over the years so I got to see alot of long lost faces, so grown up. They had an opening ceremony, the anthem was sung, the first ball was thrown and the games began. Eachteam played at least 2 innings, all the kids were tired after the second inning, Jordan was stillnot feeling great but wanted to be there he was in the outfield first, caught the ball and returnedit once. When up to bat he hit a HOMERUN...yeahhh GO JORDAN!!! The second time in the outfield it took a toll on him and he proceeded to sit down so we got him into dugout and let him rest. The second time up at bat he hit it and slow trotted to 1st base and we called the game. The coach he has is pretty nice,his wife to, very friendly. This will last about 6weeks and then Baseball season is over for them.

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