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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

“Considering Windowing Tinting-- The Benefits it can Provide your Home” #ad #spon

Considering Windowing Tinting? The Benefits it can Provide your Home

Window tinting is not just for your car. In fact, you can tint your home’s windows to create warmth and natural lighting without obstructing the beautiful outdoor view. Tinting also provides your home with a slew of benefits that you and your family will enjoy. Before you get estimates today on new windows, consider the positive aspects of window tinting.

Lower Cooling and Heating Costs
Heat gain and heat loss through untreated windows leads to an increase in utility bills. Installing window tinting to your home makes your home more energy efficiency, thus lowering your total cooling and heating costs. In fact, some window tints could save you up to 50-percent on your home’s cooling costs. 

Heat and Glare Reduction
Traditional windows allow for an excessive amount of heat to enter your home. Window tints not only block and reduce heat, it also plays a huge role in eliminating most glare. Without all that distracting glare, you can work on your computer or watch television more enjoyably. And since most tinting is made from thin material, you won’t even know the window tint is there. 

Reduces Harmful Ultraviolet (UV) Rays
Artwork, fabrics and furnishings can all fade when exposed regularly to harmful ultraviolet (UV) rays. Unfortunately, un tinted windows let the damaging UV rays fill your home. Window tinting can block up to 99-percent of UV rays, which protects the color and look of your artwork, fabrics, furnishings and carpets while also protecting the health of your family.

Alternative to Window Replacement
If you’re on a tight budget but would love to upgrade your windows, why not consider window tinting. Window tint is an affordable option to expensive window replacement. In fact, window tint has many benefits over window replacement, including cost effectiveness and time required for installation. With that said, however, window tinting isn’t a miracle worker and shouldn’t be used to treat deteriorating or damaged windows. 

Protect your Family from Glass Shards
When the glass from your windows break – such as during a storm or accident – it can pose a real hazard to those living inside the home. Window tinting, however, can act as a barrier that holds the broken glass in place. There are even some window tinting consider safety films that helps to make your windows more break resistant. 

Window tinting isn’t right for everyone and every situation. That is why you should consult with a professional tinting company for more information.

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  1. Window tinting is the perfect choice for keeping out direct sunlight without blocking the view. Always having one's blinds or curtains drawn is depressing, however, without window tinting it's sometimes necessary for privacy or blocking out the sun's glare. Watching TV or using the computer is much easier with tinted windows.

    Christie Goodwin @ Window Enhancements LLC