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Saturday, August 15, 2015

#HormelFamily Blogger August **Lloyd's BBQ Pork Ribs oven style**

My August box was amazing for #HormelFamily Blogger program.

Lloyd's  Baby Back Pork Ribs can be found in your grocers meat section. These are 2lb racks with no BBQ sauce so you can create your own masterpiece.

I decided the way to cook these were smothered in BBQ sauce while tightly sealed in a cooking bag. (all honesty is I was without aluminum foil). I cut them in sections and laid them out in the bag and dumped the sauce all over the ribs. I sealed the bag tightly and tied it up and placed in the oven inside a pyrex dish. According to the packaging cook at 375* in a preheated oven , mine being frozen for 65-75 min.

I pulled ribs from oven at 65 min slit the cooking bag added more sauce threw back in oven for another 15 min. These are seared already so they look like you spent a lot of time preparing.

This is what was served for dinner, the ribs were tender and easy to separate and my kids really enjoyed it. If you are needing a quick meal this is a definite must try.
**Thanks to the fine people affiliated with Hormel and the Hormel Family Blogger program my family was provided with main product idea for my unbiased opinion**


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