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Saturday, March 21, 2015

Peppermint Essential Oils Benefits and personal use

*Received the essential oils to review on my blog in exchange for my opinion*
     While I have heard a ton of good things on essential oils I myself have never had faith in there ability to provide any form of benefit from use.

     Even though I said that, I recently found out my preemie son who is 8 now, has always had a battle with eczema, Assuming that this most current spot on leg was the same ,treated it as I would with OTC creams, to no avail after a month the spot is STILL there. While at the most current Dr appt I pointed out I don't think the OTC creams are helping him and maybe this was immune to them. While looking at it she says "OMy that IS NOT eczema that is RINGWORM". My mouth dropped and  I am thinking RINGWORM what in the world is that (needless to say it has nothing to do with worms but is related to animals and/or dirt and very contagious ).

     I always attempt OTC before scripts so I figured in the age of internet I would search natural essential oils, after all I did just receive 2 to review. I did find the Peppermint essential oil can be used on affected skin and it is more natural and worth a shot. I was informed that it does take about 3 weeks to cure so using essential oils is definitely my first choice

     After a bath, he is dried and then I lay him on his tummy to access infected area. I sprinkle Peppermint oil and cover with a large bandage. *SIMPLE*

     The uses for Peppermint Essential oil is not limited to skin irritations it has a wide variety of uses. I spray mine around my furniture(using a spray bottle of 1/2 warm water and about 10 drops of oil).
     It gives some refreshing to stale odors in closets.
     I spray it on my kids pillows to freshen up the pillow (we all know we drool).
     I add it to my carpet cleaner when shampooing just because it makes the room overall smell fresh and clean.
     I do know from experience that if you use it in your garden it keeps the insects down(I have a plant by my front door).
     When I have a headache I rub it on my temples or apply it under my nose, as it is very calming.
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