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Monday, December 15, 2014

**Whole Sale Party Supplies has ALL my birthday needs:)** #spon

Each year I try to make my parties better than the last with unique party supplies and all inclusive kits. Each kid has a different theme in mind and often stores sell the same thing and never enough to make that party complete. I have more times than once, had a child pick a theme and always something is not available and if it is, it is not the same exact theme. I came to the realization if I want something bad enough I have to search for it online and best of all go to The WholeSale Party Supplies site. If you are in the market for your next party give them a look lots of specials and deals and great low low prices.

**I was given the opportunity to review the mentioned products in exchange for my unbiased opinion. All opinions are my own and receipt of product never sways my reviews**

I chose the Firefighter Deluxe theme for my son as he is intrigued with the line of work like most boys. I felt this was very useful for a school party(yes I do host myself) and it fit not only my sons need but would fit perfect into my budget. This kit has everything you need napkins, plates, utensils as well as streamers, candles and table cover. You do have the option to purchase other matching items at a small fee to create that finished party set that match your party package such as balloons or favor bags. 
Take a look for yourself and see the amazing prices and selection.

If you need less supplies they have a party kit that suits a more modest need
Firefighter standard kit is minus candles, streamers and table cover.

Because I have 2 kids with birthdays in the same month I did have to purchase a different kit for a girl as a Ballet kit only seemed appropriate for her Ballet class. Birthday parties are so fun and even better when they are complete and prepared with anything and everything to give that WOW!!!

This is as well a Deluxe themed party pack in Ballet Style like the aforementioned pack. It came with all my necessary supplies to provide a great party, minus the headache of searching high and low for matching birthday themes. Perfectly pink with ballet slippers , pink and purple streamers perfect for hanging and all the frills that any dancing princess needs to make a statement :) 

 Because this was a "ballet" party for a 5year old she had a different idea for loot bags "Monster High" that did not match this theme BUT was easy to find something she liked on one site. Each loot bag had the original MH characters featured with a nice little place to be able to use a marker and label the bags, I used the space to say "Trinity's 5th Birthday". The cut out handles make it perfect for little hands or to put a cute little ribbon embellishment.

The perfect party supply location for any party theme you may have: Birthday (young and old), showers, supplies, seasonal and do not forget the upcoming Christmas celebrations. I would recommend this place for quality at a reasonable price. 

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