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Friday, December 19, 2014

**Nickelodeons Top Holiday Gift Ideas** 2014 #ad #sponsored

**All products mentioned were reviewed by my family in exchange for honest feedback all opinions are my own and was not swayed by receipt of product**

I have to say Nickelodeon "nailed it" with their choice toys, products and accessories. Being a parent all the items mentioned or offered in their "Holiday Guide" are something that really interested my children this Holiday Season.

This is one of those new "must have" for the cold weather. It features Spongebob(everyone loves spongebob) it is designed to cover the head and ears by a tug of the square pants. The foot features the little squeeze bubble that when squeezed provides the movement of the hands.These are practical as they are warm These are sold and available in many characters(not limited to spongebob) and availability depends on store. Spongebob may be available in other stores besides Bed, Bath and Beyond.

This was my daughters favorite and like Spongebob the pump is in the bottom. The Ninja Turtles flipeez you can find in your favorite turtle and these can be found at Target.

These were my favorite this is a TMNT for girls Hat and glove set, my favorite because the colors
were so fem camo, the hat was very soft and stretchy. The gloves are true to size and match the hat with the little TMNT insignia on it. Says it is available at Walmart but am having trouble finding its availability.


These are the Colgate Battery Operated toothbrushes and would be a real treat compared to that same old manual toothbrush. This year Colgate has really brought out the cool products geared at kids and hygiene products. Whether it be a battery operated or a manual toothbrush you are bound to find a character that appeals to your kids.
As always the bristles are soft and the product is safe for kids. As with any product always supervise products your children are using. These do contain a battery and the batteries are replaceable. Can be found at many retailers including Target.

BAND-AID® Brand Adhesive Bandages are the products your kids will want to put on. Helps make healing more fun! Available at most retailers in a variety of characters for children and adults at a reasonable price. Some glow in the dark, some are textured and others are just plain whatever you need Johnson & Johnson has them available.

This was super cute and comes as a set, tank, underwear and mask so your little hero can go incognito. The tank and underwear are very cottony soft and the illustration makes it more fun. The colors are vibrant and the mask adds to the uniqueness. Comes in your favorite Turtle character in sizes XS to Medium. Can be found at Target.


This blanket is a 62x90 fits well on a twin bed but fits even better on a full size bed. It features the turtles but in a girl retro fashion style. The plush blanket is super soft and would be a great gift for that TMNT fan. Many retailers are carrying the TMNT in plush various sizes and designs. As for this blanket I am unsure of retailer as I am having trouble locating.

This is a little smaller but the same plush fleece super soft in the iconic TMNT character setting. Fits perfect on that twin size bed and keeps those little bodies nice and toasty. Perfect for that movie night!!

Can find these fleece blankets at many retailers including Toys R Us.

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