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Wednesday, June 18, 2014

**Randolph Foods** GasLamp Popcorn and Pepe's Pork skins

I was given the opportunity to sample a couple items from the Rudolph's Family of products.

These are the products I received to sample with my family. The Cinnamon Caramel corn was a hit with my family. It was sweet and crunchy and kernels were well popped and easy to chew. The Kettle Corn was sweet as well as a touch of salty, very pleasing taste and by far my favorite. The White Cheddar had a touch of cheese flavor but not over powering a little bit salty tasting for me. These are all natural, made in California and can be purchased online or in store.
I received the original Pepe's Pork skins, the serving is individual sized, the product is well sealed and fresh. I tried the product for review purposes but as I am not a Chicharrones fan these were passed to another family member who enjoys them. They do make a variety of flavors to suit many palettes.
**I received the products for review purposes only. The amount of product was well below my advertising value therefore I did the review out of "good faith". The link provided will lead you to the web page for informational purposes. I received no other compensation from the company.**

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