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Monday, June 30, 2014

**Coppertone Clearly Sheer** #bzzagent #coppertone

**Thank you to Bzzagent for the opportunity to review the new products from Coppertone. All opinions are 100% my own and other opinions may vary. This ad will not provide back links to product.**

 I love this Coppertone Clearly Sheer, it is lightly scented, not heavy nor colored, it dries quickly and lasts a majority of the day.

This is my product included from Bzzagent. 
They are all lightweight
Don't clog pores
appropriate for skin sensitivites
water resistant
lightly scented

It is 100+ degrees in California so you know my family uses this religiously. I want to protect my family from the sun and the SPF is perfect for me and my kids. My kids spend a lot of time in the pool and water and this is so perfect for their days.

Thank you to Coppertone and Bzzagent!!

Seniors at Sunset Time Ticking to Graduation

WEST HIGH Class of 2014

Seniors at sunset, was a big deal to me more than them for one reason.... I graduated from there as well West High Class of 1989 :o . My son has attended with his best friend for the last 4 years and there was no doubt they would get to the stage. Both have disabilities that create a difficult learning environment, not behavioral but "Autism" rocks their world. My son is a very social non verbal moderate who has shown what it really means to be a "Viking". Yep I am ONE of those kind of moms, I urge yet push my district to include those that would not otherwise have a chance.

Dance at sunset, them sitting on bench, while dance floor is booming. Its okay I sat up in bleachers because I am an involved mom and chaperon :)

Class seniors, little box, has Jordan and Halee in it kind of hard to see.
This really is not at school but just shows how much school spirit he has.

He plays Baseball and this is a sponsor he was called to receive the Opening Day Opening Pitch for the games. Thank you Jim you did an awesome job, Jordan appreciated it.

He received an award with the Football team for player appreciation, he was the dedicated "water boy" for JV and Varsity for 3 years.(Took us a year to convince the coaches that he was able to do the job needed)

He plays baseball eagerly every year.

He is my most honest product tester oooh yeah!!

He was the water boy for Basketball for 2 years (unfortunately the coaches are not nearly as understanding)

Grad pix thank you to Petrina J Photography. She is amazing at locations (-minus the dead coyote, inside joke). These were performed at Heart Park in mid October for his Senior Pix.
Bowling and he is really good

GRADUATION!!! 3.4 GPA.. front row seating (this was early as the whole stage was full)

That way if you ever wondered what a blogger does besides receive and test products, you do see I have a real life. This way I was able to share some of my favorite places, all links are related to info about companies and businesses. I was/will not be compensated for this post its informational only.

Best Buy August Campaign and Blogger project

Sunday, June 29, 2014

How To Kill A Romance Writer Book Spotlight Tour

htkarwbt Title: How to Kill a Romance Writer Author: Jacy Oliver & Bryant James Genre: Romance Published: May 2014 goodreads-badge-add-plus Buy Links: Amazon | Barnes & Noble
  Synopsis: The Hopeless Romantic Jenna Michaels is a romance writer who believes in every word she writes. One day prince charming will come knocking on her door and make her a bride just like the ones she creates in her books. The Cynical Bastard Alex James, is living his dream as a mom and pop pizza place owner. A nasty divorce taught him that love doesn't exist. He believes the best cure for love is a cynical attitude and a piece of pizza. When Jenna accidentally orders a pizza from Alex's store, the two become locked in contentious debate about whether love is myth. A debate that leads to the question that will change the course of both of their lives: How do you kill a romance writer?  

Authors Bio: Jacy Oliver has always had a thing about writing, she is a college grad, and when she’s not writing she spends most of her days working the family business, playing with her nieces and nephews, taking vacations, walking her little neurotic dog Oscar, or looking at Pinterest. Bryant James is graphic artist, writer and practicing cynic.

Authors Links: Mailing List | Facebook      
Jenna “You did what?” Karen looks at me, a bit dumbfounded.
 “You heard me, I accidently ordered a pizza from the Freaking Wicked pizza place in Ohio instead of the one here in Twin Falls. I was having a bad night, and now I can’t seem to stop e-mailing the owner back. It’s only been going on a few days. Oh, and because I freaked out on him, now I get free pizza whenever I want, from the Freaking Wicked here in Twin. He’s the most cynical guy I think I’ve ever talked to, but he has a good heart. I really believe that.”

 “What’s his name?”

 “Alex James.”

 “Is he on Facebook?” Karen asks.

 “I don’t know, I haven’t checked. I’m not you, I don’t need to know every last detail about someone before I talk to them.”

 “What about his website? Is there a picture on his pizza site?”

“Oh, I don’t know.”

 “Well let’s look.” Karen pulls her phone out and Googles Alex’s website.

 “Here.” And she hands me her phone. The face staring back at me is very handsome. Alex has dark brown hair, cut short, beautiful blue eyes, full lips and a strong jaw. He is giving the camera a slight smile and is wearing a simple black t-shirt and a white apron with his pizza shops logo across the top of it.

 “Oh, well, okay.”

 “Okay? At least now you know he’s human and male. I bet he’s packing some muscles under that shirt, you can see the slight bulge of his biceps from his crossed arms.”

 “I already knew that he was human and male. I talked to him on the phone once, remember?” But I look at the picture again and bite my lip, yes, he’s definitely very nice looking. “He’s kind of a looker.” 

“Karen! That’s not the point of this. I’m not e-mailing him because I think he’s cute.”

“Well, it doesn’t hurt.” I shrug.

 “No, I guess it doesn’t.” I hear my phone ding.

 “Oh hey, here is another e-mail from him.”

Thursday, June 26, 2014

"LIVE HEALTHIER" Family 6-Pack - $86 Value! Giveaway TBA!! #USFG

"LIVE HEALTHIER" Family 6-Pack

- B-12 1000 mcg
- Just Women - Iron
- Vitamin D 1000 IU
- Vitamin C Sour Cherry Melts
- Children's B Complex with Vitamin C
- Biotin 5000 mcg

What Makes Superior Source UNIQUE: Superior Source Vitamins are MicroLingual - "Under the Tongue Technology" that works fast, as they are quickly absorbed into the body, dissolving in seconds - NO pills to swallow! By swallowing supplements, as much as 50% of the potency is lost in the high acid environment of the stomach.

B-12 1000 mcg: This 60-tablet bottle is brand new and is a combination of activated B-12, activated Folate and B-6, which are three critical B vitamins required for control of elevated homocystein levels.
Why control homocystein levels?: because high levels of homocystein have been linked to cardiovascular disease. No sugar added in this vitamin either.

Just Women - Iron : Superior Source provides optimal levels of iron in our Instant Dissolve MicroLingual Tablets for efficient nutrient delivery. Ferrous fumarate helps restore iron levels in the body when levels are low. The ferrous fumarate salt may help reduce the chances of getting gastro-intestinal problems which are sometimes associated with other iron salts.

Vitamin D 1000 IU: Vitamin D works in conjunction with calcium to promote the development and maintenance of strong bones and teeth. Superior Source Vitamin D products are D3, the finest source of Vitamin D available.

Vitamin C Sour Cherry Melts: Vitamin C is an essential nutrient that cannot be produced by the body, therefore it must be replenished daily. Vitamin C also provides support to the body's immune system, very helpful in a season where people catch colds and flu. No sugar is added, these products are only sweetened by stevia; this is preferable to most 'chewable' vitamin C products that are typically loaded with lots of sugar.

Children's B Complex with Vitamin C: Children's B-Complex with folic acid, calcium pantothenate and biotin is formulated to provide the nutrients that support optimal health for the production and maintenance of new cells and supports nervous system health, energy metabolism, and healthy heart function.

Biotin 5000 mcg: Helps to maintain healthy blood sugar levels, promotes nail and hair strength and supports cell growth, metabolism of fats, amino acids and the production of fatty acids. Sugar FREE!

 You can purchase all Superior Source Vitamins at major retailers nationwide like Whole Foods and Vitamin Shoppe and major online retailers like, Vitacost, iHerb, Walgreens, Swansons and Lucky Vitamins.

*as with any other vitamin directions should be followed if concerned get advise from a doctor. This post is being used for advertisement purposes* 

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

**Randolph Foods** GasLamp Popcorn and Pepe's Pork skins

I was given the opportunity to sample a couple items from the Rudolph's Family of products.

These are the products I received to sample with my family. The Cinnamon Caramel corn was a hit with my family. It was sweet and crunchy and kernels were well popped and easy to chew. The Kettle Corn was sweet as well as a touch of salty, very pleasing taste and by far my favorite. The White Cheddar had a touch of cheese flavor but not over powering a little bit salty tasting for me. These are all natural, made in California and can be purchased online or in store.
I received the original Pepe's Pork skins, the serving is individual sized, the product is well sealed and fresh. I tried the product for review purposes but as I am not a Chicharrones fan these were passed to another family member who enjoys them. They do make a variety of flavors to suit many palettes.
**I received the products for review purposes only. The amount of product was well below my advertising value therefore I did the review out of "good faith". The link provided will lead you to the web page for informational purposes. I received no other compensation from the company.**

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

**Ciinolin Swaddles**and Baby Step Cards Review


     I am going to be honest, before being contacted about reviewing the Ciinolin product, it was not something I was familiar with. I am talking the product itself, not the "swaddles" comparable to receiving blankets (IMO). After the initial contact I did browse the site and was fascinated by what I saw, not just the product but what the company does to give back to less fortunate.

     I have had babies in my home for 22 years, yes I know it seems like a long time, but my kids are split by 10yrs. I have used receiving blankets for many things, to cover, to protect my clothes, to feed, to warm and to protect from the sun in a stroller. As my kids got older they were used to make tents, to sit on and to put dollies to bed. A basic receiving blanket comes in one size and we used them for what we could manage which was many ways.

     I have honestly found the #1 product for those new parents-to-be and should be included for the baby shower as the perfect "swaddle" cover that has the ability to replace the smaller, heavier versions. These are the softest covers I have ever put my hands on and come 3 to a pack(47"x47") so you have back ups to pack for on the go. The colors are very vibrant and so kid friendly and honestly could be used for a boy or girl with the themes offered, of which there are two.
They are 70%Rayon, 30% cotton, Asian inspired, machine washable cool/cold with like colors. I received the Cirebon with Baby Step Cards. The cards are for you to mark milestones in your babies life so you don't forget, its a new take on a baby book.
At this time Ciinolin are available online and all prices are in USD.
**I received this product for review purposes and no other compensation is being offered in exchange for this review. All opinions are 100% my own and a product received never guarantees a positive review.** Links are to page only no follow links are included, links provided for purchasing info if interested.
 The cause of my review was for "Education" A portion of the sale of this product will be donated to provide 6 underprivileged children in Myanmar with their own sets of school stationary and donated to provide 1 underprivileged child in Cambodia with an education resource pack (notebooks, pens, pencils and textbooks).

Per the company:
Sharing and giving
We believe that buying and giving should always go together. This is why we are committed to giving away a portion of our income gained from each Ciinolin product sold.
Our partner
We believe that together with the support of our customers, we can help to improve the lives of less fortunate children and start a sustainable culture of giving. We have partnered with B1G1, a Not-for-Profit society registered and regulated in Singapore. B1G1 supports many outstanding organisations carrying out great work to improve the lives of less fortunate children all around the world. 100% of contributions made by B1G1 business partners such as ourselves are passed directly to the worthy cause organisations.
Giving with every purchase
Through our partner B1G1, we will give away a portion of our income from every product sold so that every purchase symbolizes “giving”. Look out for the details of specific worthy causes we support on all our products.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

**Pepe's Popcorn GIVEAWAY!!** #SHARED

I'am a popcorn lover.. but who knew pepes would make a spicy popcorn .. i so cant wait for it to arrive at my mailbox.. i
I'm so sure my family and I will be grabbing the bags as soon as they get here.. just in time for summer.. Authentic is Pepe's middle name. As a boy, Pepe spent time in his grandma's kitchen watching and learning about the traditions of his family's Mexican heritage. He would often wake up to the wonderful aromas coming from his Abuela's kitchen and was immediately drawn to the variety of flavors in chicharrones, as well as in churros, cracklins and duros. Today Pepe is proud to share his family tradition and recipes with your family. Make it a tradition of your own! Dulce Caliente Popcorn will be available exclusively in leading California retailers very shortly and is one of Pepe’s newest flavors to meet the growing consumer demand for a variety of tasty snacks and a vested interest in authentic Mexican flavor profiles. Dulce Caliente means “sweet hot” in Spanish, reflecting a traditional flavor mix found in Mexican cuisine. The new popcorn balances the mix of sweet and savory accents a kick of spice for a distinct flavor profile authentic to its Hispanic roots.**Can not wait to try this spiciness!!   So go ahead and spice up your snacks with Pepe's EL Originals .. new addition Dulce Caliente Popcorn coming to a store near you soon... MUCHO CALIENTE.. SO WHY NOT JOIN PEPES EL ORIGINALS GIVEAWAY BELOW.. AND WIN A PRIZE PACK!!
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Saturday, June 7, 2014

**SunRype USA 10 Calories Beverage and Fruit Plus Veggies Product Review for the Pacific Coast**

     The Fantastic people at SunRype, offered my family the chance to review some new products that are new to the juice and veggie market "The 10 Calorie Beverage Line". I, as a mom, understand the need to provide my family with the healthy but tasty fruit products that I would be proud to serve. The SunRype company has such a wide array of products you are bound to find something to please everyone in your home. From fruit snacks and like products to juices and low calorie alternatives such a selection.

     For my family review I chose the 10 Calorie Line of fruit juice Blueberry Burst, Cranberry Twist and Tropical Mango all of which are low calorie, no aspartame, and just 10 calories per 8 oz serving. The first ingredient on the label is filtered water, and we all know that is key on ingredients, first means most important. When it comes to fruit juice that was a concern, water as first ingredient followed my juice concentrate...BUT let me tell you the taste is incredible!! The flavors are bold yet natural, the color is as expected for each flavor and much less acidic than expected.

...Blueberry Burst-Blueberry, Pomegranate..IMO the sweeter of the juices, with a nice mix of blueberry/pom
...Cranberry Twist- Cranberry ,Pomegranate..I feel the cranberry makes the juice POP
...Tropical Mango- Mango, Pineapple..nice mix between pineapple and mango, not sweet not tart.
each contain 5-6% juice. My kids liked the Blueberry the best due to sweetness while I enjoyed the Mango due to the pineapple flavor.
     So next time you are looking for that healthy yet flavor packed juice drink make sure you check out the new line, you will not be disappointed.
***I received all products mentioned in this review in exchange for a review. No compensation is offered besides the products and no follow links are included. All opinions are my own and some may differ. A review product never promises a positive review.***

 By far my kids favorite NEW Juice drink:)

SunRype’s 100% Fruit, 100% Fruit & Veggies and Just Fruit & Grains snacks and bars can be found in the produce section at your favorite grocery store across the United States, including: Albertson’s, Bel Air, Brookshire, Carr's, Dominick's, Food Maxx, Genuardi's, Giant, Henry's, Lucky, Marsh, Nob Hill, Pavilions, Raley’s, Ralph's, Randall's, Redner's, Safeway, Save Mart, Smith's, Sprouts, Stater Bros. Markets, Stop & Shop, Sunflower Farmers Market, Tom Thumb, Vons and Weis Markets.  For a location near you and your followers, they can check out our “Where to Buy” website link; .

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tires PLUS Mail-In Rebate........#shared

Spring has finally sprung and the season has brought all kinds of weather so far. From April showers, to blustery days in May, we've seen it all!

Choosing tires that are equipped to handle the unpredictability of any season can be difficult. Between reliability, quality and performance, can one tire really have it all? Look no further than the Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tire.

For over 100 years Goodyear has been creating innovative products and services that set the technology and performance standards for the tire industry. As a recent recipient of the 2013 Women's Choice Awards for "America's Best" Premium Brand Tire; Tire Retailer; and Auto Service Retailer; Goodyear is continually striving to put excellent performing tires on the road, applying time-honored customer care, innovation and expertise to the Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season model. 
  • The Goodyear Eagle Sport All-Season tire features responsive handling and confident all-season traction.
  • This new high-performance tire also carries a 50,000-mile tread life limited warranty.
  • In the tire, an innovative tread compound offers outstanding wet and dry performance, with enhanced grip in ice and snow. The use of silica in the rubber compound of the tread helps to improve treadwear and all-season traction.
  • The tread design is asymmetric with full-depth sipes that offer biting edges as the tire wears.  A rim protector feature helps to protect wheels against accidental curb damage.
  • Click here for $40Ɨ mail-in rebate when you purchase a set of 4 Eagle Sport All-Season tires!*

    For more information about Goodyear, visit
    Please feel free to share this information and offer with your readers!

    Ɨ Double your rebate and get up to $80 by making your purchase on the Goodyear Credit Card.
    *Offer valid on purchases made between 6/1/14 - 7/31/14.