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Friday, April 4, 2014


A feature film from the favorite ninja series, now on DVD for the first time ever!

Voiced by Kids’ Choice Award Nominee Nathan Kress (iCarly), Daytime Emmy® Award Nominee Jessica DiCicco (The Emperor’s New School, Adventure Time) and Kimberly Brooks (Doc McStuffins), SHURIKEN SCHOOL: THE NINJA’S SECRET is being released on DVD and digitally in the United States for the first time ever!

Synopsis: A new generation of ninja has emerged! They are agile, quick, invisible, and they do not use GPS! SHURIKEN SCHOOL: THE NINJA’S SECRET follows Eizan, Jimmy and Okuni, three friends who must release their inner ninjas when Eizan's dad is kidnapped by professionals. After one solid year of training at Shuriken School where they learned to melt into walls, fly over rooftops and disappear in a cloud of smoke, the boys are prepared to find and rescue Eizan’s dad before it’s too late.
**Available 04/15/14**

DVD Product Information
Territory: US & CA                                                
Format: DVD Single
Color: Color
Audio Format5.1                                                
Widescreen: Yes
Length75 mins.                                                
Units Per Carton: 30
Year: 2007                                                            
Genre: Animation
Rating: NR                                                           
MAT NO: 88131658000                                    
UPC: 025192232176

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