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Sunday, November 3, 2013

**The FunSpunge** Bathtime Headband

     The FunSpunge is the super absorbent sponge Bathtime Headband, that I had the opportunity to try in my home with my kids. It is recommended for ages 12months and up and I did use it on a 3yr old and a 6yr old with the same outcome.
      I have a little girl who is a total drama queen when it comes to hair washing in the bath tub, whether it be water in the eyes or soap in the eyes it always creates some crying episode. When I was offered this product I was truly ready for a product to make bathtime easier. Skeptical, I was, but relieved even more when I saw the outcome at bathtime.
      These are sold online, not yet in stores, with many payment options available and very reasonable prices in many colors.

This is the packaging, very small and contained in plastic, very easy to open no scissors needed.
Once out of the package the FunSpunge in soft and stretchy(the tag would go on back of head.) You throw into the bath water before trying to put on head to give it a chance to expand.
It stretches around head, covers ears, pulls to nape of neck or below hairline.
Tip head back, wet hair,shampoo,condition, rinse hair...and surprise still no tears..The water does not run down face, nor get in the ears. I left it on her till just about the time I was sure no more water would be running out of hair. 
After the use you wring it out, it can be washed out but wring well and hang to dry. Impressed, I AM, it made bath time much easier for both of us.
**All opinions in this review are 100%mine, others results or reviews may vary. I did receive product in exchange for a review, but will not receive further compensation.**

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