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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

**Lovely Candy Company**


     I had the privilege of trying for myself this Lovely Candy Company and was not only fascinated at the variety of candy being gluten and GMO free but excited to try it for myself.
     The company provided me with 4 samples of their Lovely candies :
the Original Caramels decadent of the group I enjoyed this one first out of the box it was chewy and tasted fantastic just like I was eating a caramel full of fat and bi-products. These are the #1 best seller and after sampling them I see why.
This was a chocolate swirl caramel and was very rich in chocolate flavor I felt it had a very even taste between the caramel and the chocolate. My son enjoyed this one because it reminded him of chocolate:)
When I took these superfruit style out of the wrapper, it was noticeably different from other candy chews. \

It had real fruit pieces inside and through the candy and they were large enough to be seen. They were very flavorful yet soft and chewy, flavors of cranberry, blueberry and raspberry.

The flavors of apple, cherry and blackberry, similar to the superfruits in texture and appearance.
     All bags are resealable and when you purchase 3 bags you get free shipping in the US. This is the perfect stocking stuffer for those that have a restriction and even those without I felt they were very tasty and very natural flavored.If interested in finding these they are available in many stores<HERE>
**I received these products for review and my opinion is 100% my own. The company was very easy to work with and the variety available was perfect for many tastes.**I will not be compensated for the product besides what I received to review.

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