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Wednesday, October 2, 2013

**Teespring** Tshirts for a Cause!!

     Teespring is a great site that allows YOU the consumer to come up with the design of your dreams to promote your business or fundraising idea. I know you have seen other companies offer something similar, but this one is different, in the sense that you create and the funds will be yours. Its as easy as design a shirt, set a price, add a goal and start selling!!
ShirtfrontQuality products customized for you!!
     There are a lot of companies that do fundraising and for a company that the money is a necessity for, the idea of a cheap alternative to getting the word is a plus for an organization.  This company is crowd funded it designs a tee with the Teespring online design center, you share the campaign page(to get as much support as possible), you collect pre-orders towards the goal and the supporter isn't charged until the goal is reached.
this is the page to design your tee

set a goal for your campaign

final step is add your description

No money down!! How easy is that and the designing is at your fingertips. So get ready to design and show some support the next time you need to create that unique custom shirt, whether it be a party, get together or a Fundraising walk choose Teespring for all your custom tee needs.
ShirtfrontThis is an example of a Tee made to benefit those affected by the Boston bombing.Proceeds were donated to the One Boston Fund.
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  1. wow this is very nice a shirt to make it what you want.. great review