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Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Share Infographic**Do you put off Home Repairs??

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      Over the years I have realized it has become increasingly difficult to keep up a house and maintain repairs unless you are a DIY person who knows a little something about the problem. I put off home repairs that are not a necessity and focus on the ones that will affect my family. I have the tools just not the knowledge on how to use them and how to fix things myself.

     When it comes to repairs, it is difficult to find out enough about a company to know if they are doing more harm than good. To find a reliable repair service you could scour the internet, and these days the internet has many resources to lead you to an accredited repair person. Still you do need to do some research and make sure that person has some positive business dealings. If it is a good contractor you are looking for make sure you read this >article< it explains so much about signs of a good compared to signs of the bad. The biggest help to me has been to ask friends, family or even neighbors that have had the same or similar problems, after all they can tell you how well the job was done. If the person hired requests to be paid in cash only or to be paid upfront that is a RED FLAG!!

     The most economical way to do home improvement without using a contractor is doing it yourself or if you know someone ask them for help. Living in the age of technology, you can find anything on the internet and many times "DIY for dummies." Not saying anyone is dumb, of course, but if you are like me I need the manual with pictures. For instance, do you need to update that bathroom and don't  have the money in your budget to hire someone..The DIY network has you covered. Another great place to check is on Pinterest almost anything you could need is found on the web for you to do the project yourself.
DIY Ideas: Clever Corner Shelving

     So the next time you are looking for a quick fix and it is something you can handle yourself, pull out the tools and do it. You would be amazed at how easy some projects really are and LOOK you are saving money not paying someone else to do them. If it is a little more difficult and out of your comfort zone, ask a friend or family member to help you with the project. After all, two is better than one:)
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