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Monday, September 23, 2013

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     Moving is a normal occurrence in life and at one time or another we all have had to do it.  Whether it be moving down the street or across the US we all have been inconvenienced with the move. The economy has been a big reason for so many people packing up and leaving an area they have grown up in to move closer to their jobs, downsizing to a smaller home or changing employment all together. Have you packed up for a move? There are so many things to do to keep the move successful and as easy as it can be. I found a great list of 13 tips to remember when you are getting ready for that move, amazingly there are tons of things but this narrows it down. <13 tips>.
     1800PackRat was formed in 2001 and to this day they have expanded their business relations across 50 states. They started out as a steel storage unit for those who needed a place to store their belongings while preparing for a move or as a simple storage unit solution. Currently they are one of few companies that provide the customers a peace of mind by making these storage units transferable.       If you are interested in a storage pod, you dial the number (1-800-PACK-RAT) they will deliver the pod to your location(as long as it is suitable to lay the pod). You can fill and pack it as needed, then decide where you need that steel portable unit to go...your location, move it to another or move it to one of their facilities.
     The steel storage unit is guaranteed to be delivered in 24 hours, steel construction and transferable. So the next time you are in need of some extra storage space or are looking at moving long distance you need to look up and compare your choices for storing and moving.
Holiday Moving
Look at the great offer^ Limited time Call today..easy to remember 800-Pack-Rat..Long distance or local you are bound to find one location near you.
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