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Friday, February 22, 2013

**krave Jerky**

     Let me start off by saying, I've eaten alot of Beef Jerky in my life, as snacks and especially while driving. I recently contacted the nice people at krave Jerky and told them I was interested in doing a review of their Jerky. Honestly, I had never tried it before it came in my mail...boy what a mistake I have made all these years sticking with the tried and true. I always thought jerky was all the same, ITS NOT!!
    This was the first bag I opened and tried the chili lime natural beef jerky and I have to admit I was totally surprised with the soft, almost butter like texture. The meat was so tender and flavorful, it had a hint of "chili" with a quick touch of gave the flavor and hot.. but not.. too taste.  The lime just takes the chili to a whole new level but far from being sweet or tangy. Excellent choice for first bag:)

This was the 2nd bag I tried the garlic chili pepper and let me tell you far different taste and you can see from the picture WOW chili flake heaven.The pieces of beef are equally as tender and seasoned with a totally different look from the first bag I tried. The garlic and the chilis really create a warm feeling in your mouth. I enjoyed the bag with a glass of water it was a little bit more HOT than I expected for breakfast(yep breakfast, I had an urge for beef jerky:)
sweet honey chipotle gourmet beef jerkyThe Sweet Chipotle so very yummy very moist yet tender, a slight kick to it with a sweet surprise of honey. This one is double marinated which I think adds to the unique flavor taste and texture. This is most definitely a great taste while relaxing with a good movie :)
pineapple orange gourmet beef jerkyThis is Pineapple Orange this was not included in my box but luckily I had the opportunity to try it for myself, after all I was extremely impressed with the other flavors. This was definitely a sweeter version of a jerky, it was not as tender but had a bit of a chew to it and honestly I think that is why I enjoyed this one. I had a car trip and chose this to be my go to companion as a snack, it was moist and sweet and really took on the flavors of the fruits. GREAT!
smoky grilled teriyaki gourmet pork jerkyThis is the Smoked Grilled PORK Jerky Teriyaki, and I am honestly not a pork eater because of the high salt content...BUT...this really didn't take on a super salty flavor instead it took on  a sweet, chewy kind of Asian infused taste. It had a different shape and a unique texture, kind of chewy but not hard to chew.
**This product was absolutely a must try and it is based on my opinion, of which my opinion is MINE, not all individuals are going to agree**My opinion was not based on the fact I was provided the product, I really enjoyed it!!** Thank you to the company for being so generous.
If you are interested in purchasing the product for yourself they do have a site for those hard to find products as well as a FB page. Feel free to contact them!! Directory links provided, no affiliate links :(


  1. i love them sooo much lol

  2. great review i have always wanted to try there jerky