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Thursday, February 14, 2013

**Barbie Mega Bloks and MommyParties**


 Thank you to MommyParties and the Mega Bloks company for providing me with this most awesome party just in time for a very special princesses party. Mommy Parties provided me with a stunning array of Barbie featured Mega Blok sets to awe all party go-ers including the special Girl. Don't get me wrong my party go-ers were boys and girls and honestly they had equally as much fun, regardless of Barbie or not.Included in my pack was the most interesting party menu ideas and party activities the Dance Party was sooo FUN!!!

     I, myself, grew up with Barbie, but not in this way, this takes creativity to a whole new level. I have to admit I love Mega Bloks not only are they so fun to play with but more times than not one set can lead to so many possibilities. I remember having blocks when I was little and really enjoyed creating castles for my Barbie's as well as beds, couches, walls and whatever peaked my interest. I like the fact that Mega bloks has evolved to sets that are geared towards boys and girls, it just shows that blocks are not just a boys toy(though to me they never were).
     The cool thing about these new Barbie sets is that they are geared for ages 4+ but understand these sets are so much fun to build and create even for us adults. My kids really enjoyed all the choices they had, from formation of sets to accessories to create their own personal style. It really resembled playing with barbies with a little touch of added imagination.
This is the very cute Build 'n Style Fashion Stand it resembles a shopping excursion with everything needed to create a cute Barbie fashion getaway with bags and accessories it is only over 7o pieces so it was fairly easy to put together for my ages 5+ by themselves but my 3 yr old was able to do it with some assistance. The pieces are small but easy to handle and build with.

This is the finished product totally cute and so much fun.
As well we received this set "Build 'n Style ice cream cart" this is a totally realistic looking ice cream cart, complete with ice cream cups n scoops, as well as extra outfit to create a summertime look to make it easy to understand the set. It reminds me of what you would find on a beach boardwalk. The colors are super colorful and bold, it also contains a little over 70+ pieces and it like the other set is pretty easy to put together by the ages 5+ unassisted but my 3-4 yr olds did require a little help.
This is so cool especially when all the pieces of the sets are able to be combined to create a full summer setting.
This was the final thing we received it is the Build 'n Style Luxury Mansion and let me tell you, this was very time consuming and it did take all my party comers to complete this in a reasonable amount of time:) So cute, so many possibilities, 8 rooms, tons of extras by no means a set way to arrange. It comes with 2 dolls the ability to create any room design you want as well as an elevator :o!! This was a BLAST to play with and build, so much fun the boys play and build it as well, regardless of the canopy for bed. Ideal for ages 4+ and parent help:)

 By publishing this post, I received free products as part of a promotional program with MomSelect. All opinions are my own.)


  1. I have two wild boys at my house, but I would LOVE to get these for my niece!! Thanks for the review!

  2. Great review! I have a son but my nieces would love this.