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Sunday, December 9, 2012

**ShiZnits**the NEW Cuddle Monster friend

     I have to say "I" had never heard of  ShiZnits before searching on the internet and I have been missing out. I know, you ask...
     "What is a ShiZnits?" A shiznits is a super cute, child friendly, cuddle plush pillow. Each has its own personality and style, they are made of high quality material and made right here in the USA. These cute little creatures are perfect for any occasion, holiday gift or just a thinking of you moment. The ShiZnits are perfect for a loved one for comforting a tough time or just brightening up a rough day. These are silly little monsters meant to put a smile on a face not a scare.
"With persistence, success is inevitable.""I've come to find you are your own truest friend.""Life is like surfing— just go with the flow!"
     I did receive the shiznits Mabel for review purposes and she"tries to not sweat the small stuff." It makes a perfect travel companion and friend, its quite eye catching and bold.
Mabel has been bag stuffed feet, well stitched and bold material

Has a bold bright green squiggle mouth and fangs(thus monster) or teeth

the hair is twisted cord like rounded at bottom sewn into top of pillow

They are labeled with their meaning and ideas for use and individually named

The newest item the shiZnits company came up with was a story book called "little book of wisdom" it just provides a little pick me up with words to ponder and create a little bit of advice to think before you speak or not to dwell on your issues..tomorrow is a new day, smile and chug along :)

This is Mabel she is our friendly monster and her motto is "to be a good listener." Doesn't everyone need one of those, I know i do :) Look at those button eyes she just looks like a good listener!! These are recommended for ages 4 and up because of the buttons for eyes, as with any toy , parent supervision is a must. 

**The product was received for review purposes and as far as my review my opinions are my own and were not swayed by receiving the product. The product "does" and "is" as stated. **

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