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Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nickelodeon 2012 Holiday Gift Guide Part#2

Because the first post was so long I had to create post #2 thank you to Nickelodeon for providing me with their picks of the "Hottest Toys of 2012" and from what I saw my kids agree :)

Nickelodeon 4 Wood Puzzles in a Wood Storage Box

This was a very cool set as I hadn't seen one of these before, it is self contained and so much fun for the kids. It contains Dora, Diego and Spongebob puzzles so it can be categorized as a unisex gift.
Each puzzle has a symbol on the back to signify which puzzle it belongs to so its easy for the little ones to know how to categorize and match.
The case fits each puzzle set into its own little pocket so they can stay together. Though mine just throw theirs into it and we have to separate them out every time :)
This is a perfect toy for many ages as my 2 yr and 5 year had alot of fun working together to get them done. The pieces are a perfect size for little fingers and they are strong enough to keep from bending for busy hands. The lid to case works perfect for a project board to put puzzle together on.

Spongebob Trouble Pop-O-Matic Game

Great game brings back memories to my childhood when I used to play the Trouble game, but this is a game that your kids can relate to, it has a character they see on TV and someone that makes them laugh. It is so colorful and it has the original little popper in the center it does have small pieces so it is recommended for age 5+ but remember to always supervise your kids anyways.

Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song

Has all the  kids from the Fresh Beat Band show that the kids recognize. My 2 year old is a big fan and loves anything she can sing and dance to and this definitely has all that as well as a story line that WE can relate to but this has all the bells and whistles of the show Marina, KiKI , Shout and Twist all appear in this remake of their version of wizard of Oz complete with the good  witch. As well it comes with 2 bonus episodes for a little extra for the kids.LOve this!!
**And LAST but NOT LEAST***
Spongebob 12 Month Calendar
Totally cute with pics relating to the spongebob show, my son especially liked this as he tried to remember which episode each picture was related to. I like having a calendar in all my kids rooms it not only creates a little scenery but it teaches them counting and days of the week. Mine like to mark off days to special occasions and i mark the occasions for them.

**I want to thank Nickwelodeon for providing me with this extra special opportunity to try out their TOP toys of 2012 and if you ask my kids they will agree they were top in their lists too. I did receive the products mentioned complimentary for review purpose and was not compensated for my review(besides receiving the toy)**

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