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Monday, December 3, 2012

**MediPal**SeatBelt IDs**GIVEAWAY**

     The MediPal Company created this really neat little product and is an all in one medical notification seatbelt ID pouch.

     As most know I am a mom of a severely handicapped child and I , as his mom, am his caregiver and caretaker. Years ago we came to the realization this handsome young man was going to be my journey to the unknown. I had never had to worry about anything medical related growing up because I was healthy and I didn't have any lasting issues.
     In 1996 I had a little boy, looked like any other little boy, by site he was the spitting image of health and happiness. As he aged, little differences began to become noticeable and  really stood out. He was delayed in sitting, walking, eating, growing and most noticeable TALKING. At 16, he is a diagnosed "Mute" with cerebral palsy with multiple other disabilities.
     When he became school age I did purchase him a medic alert bracelet, yes bracelet, it is easier for him to carry and it eliminates the chance of someone grabbing a necklace and hurting him, so bracelet it was. As those who have the similar circumstances know, bracelet is good but has to be replaced every couple of years. While in search of my next bracelet to order I came across, in my web search, something that really caught my eye. It was just a name, but the name was what interested me... The MediPal , intrigued me so I had to check it out for myself.
     The ID holds medical and contact information in a handy dandy little pouch that is easily accessible to paramedics or emergency personal in a time of crisis. It is made to wrap around the seatbelt
 either upper belt or lower belt. It stays wrapped using very strong Velcro and folds easily so it is easy to install and move around as needed. These are super versatile as they can also be used on
Jordan with his back pack one

 bags or virtually anyplace that your child needs to carry it. I did place one in my truck but as well on his backpack. It carries all pertinent info, including Drs and medication.
     The reason I like these is because ,like I stated, he does not talk and never will and I am his mommy taxi and chauffer and his speech impairment is a huge thing to me. What would happen if we were in an accident and I could not be his voice at that time, I don't want someone to misdiagnose his injuries due to the fact he doesn't answer questions. The pouch contains ALL that info and it is strongly laid out that he is MUTE w sensory issues so when he is treated he is treated as needed. The pouch is visible and in a noticeable place if needed to be retrieved. The one on his backpack is basically for community outings and times he is without me but with his group setting. Id rather be safe than sorry and I at least know all info is within fingers reach.
     Sooo the question is ...Could you find a use for one or two?? Sure you could!! What a great Christmas present for that family member or friend who may need a little something extra :)
Less than $15 and such a useful present..interested?? CLICK HERE and order yours today!!
per website:

Our Emergency Seatbelt ID can save treatment response time to an injured victim at the scene of a traffic accident. FASTER and more APPROPRIATE medical treatment can increase the chances of survival in critical medical emergencies.
Our Emergency Seatbelt ID wraps around your seatbelt, slides to any position and displays a red cross on the front. It is therefore, highly visible and easily retrievable. The ID contains comprehensive Medical and Contact information in document form, printed from electronic file. It’s durable, affordable and transfers easily to purse or backpack strap, waist belt or arm. Aids in Emergency Preparedness, Injury Prevention. Ideal for Seniors or anyone with Special Needs.
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  1. this is really great

  2. I would donate this to a person at my church.

  3. I could use this with all my health problems. I didn't even know this was available to buy. I have a card in my purse, but this is so much easier if something happens. I had 2 incidents this week already at home. Thanks for the chance.

  4. My daughter, she is 16 and also mentally disabled

  5. I have a 3 mos old baby that was born at 36 weeks which makes her premature.. she is on an apnea monitor and has acid reflux and currently has special feeding needs and on meds so she could really use this

  6. my grandma could use this she has a bad heart,,i could use it i have epilepsy and my girlfriend could use it she also has a bad heart