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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Udi's Gluten Free - Win Holiday Treats

Are you on Gluten Free..well look how good Udi's Gluten-Free can be..While you are there why not nominating your company to receive an Udi's Cookie Jar filled with an assortment of our delicious gluten free cookies. 

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Wednesday, December 26, 2012

UPS MY Choice

I just love knowing when my boxes are coming, it eliminates  the stress on wondering if I will be home when my packages arrive. UPS My Choice allows you the convenience of choosing the best time for your packages. It gives you notice of a 4 hour window but you can request a 2 hour or reschedule for another day and time. This "sponsored content" takes the worry out of your shopping and keeps thieves from snatching your most valuable. If you haven't signed up yet do so its FREE and saves you some peace of mind.

Sunday, December 23, 2012

Nickelodeon 2012 Holiday Gift Guide Part#2

Because the first post was so long I had to create post #2 thank you to Nickelodeon for providing me with their picks of the "Hottest Toys of 2012" and from what I saw my kids agree :)

Nickelodeon 4 Wood Puzzles in a Wood Storage Box

This was a very cool set as I hadn't seen one of these before, it is self contained and so much fun for the kids. It contains Dora, Diego and Spongebob puzzles so it can be categorized as a unisex gift.
Each puzzle has a symbol on the back to signify which puzzle it belongs to so its easy for the little ones to know how to categorize and match.
The case fits each puzzle set into its own little pocket so they can stay together. Though mine just throw theirs into it and we have to separate them out every time :)
This is a perfect toy for many ages as my 2 yr and 5 year had alot of fun working together to get them done. The pieces are a perfect size for little fingers and they are strong enough to keep from bending for busy hands. The lid to case works perfect for a project board to put puzzle together on.

Spongebob Trouble Pop-O-Matic Game

Great game brings back memories to my childhood when I used to play the Trouble game, but this is a game that your kids can relate to, it has a character they see on TV and someone that makes them laugh. It is so colorful and it has the original little popper in the center it does have small pieces so it is recommended for age 5+ but remember to always supervise your kids anyways.

Fresh Beat Band: The Wizard of Song

Has all the  kids from the Fresh Beat Band show that the kids recognize. My 2 year old is a big fan and loves anything she can sing and dance to and this definitely has all that as well as a story line that WE can relate to but this has all the bells and whistles of the show Marina, KiKI , Shout and Twist all appear in this remake of their version of wizard of Oz complete with the good  witch. As well it comes with 2 bonus episodes for a little extra for the kids.LOve this!!
**And LAST but NOT LEAST***
Spongebob 12 Month Calendar
Totally cute with pics relating to the spongebob show, my son especially liked this as he tried to remember which episode each picture was related to. I like having a calendar in all my kids rooms it not only creates a little scenery but it teaches them counting and days of the week. Mine like to mark off days to special occasions and i mark the occasions for them.

**I want to thank Nickwelodeon for providing me with this extra special opportunity to try out their TOP toys of 2012 and if you ask my kids they will agree they were top in their lists too. I did receive the products mentioned complimentary for review purpose and was not compensated for my review(besides receiving the toy)**

Tuesday, December 18, 2012

**Nickelodeons Holiday Gift guide**The BEST of 2012 Dora Potty and Organizer

   **This post will be a couple parts as I have multiple items to review**
     Gosh!! I dont know where to start "I" had the most FABULOUS chance to review some of the HOTTEST toys and home accessories of 2012 thanks to the most gracious(you know who you are) at Nick Corp Com.I am a mom to many and every year it seems that toy choices are overwhelming and you never know if that "special present" is an absolute HIT or MISS. Ive got to tell you the toys that have made this list really are surprisingly top notch especially with my kids. I know you say... how is one toy different from another? Well they spend alot of time trying to come up with this list of the hottest holiday items.
    The first great item my daughter could not wait to open was the
 Ready for Potty Dora:
she comes with a sip cup so she can drink just like our kids do and its an especially hard time when we are trying to teach techiniques of potty training.

she comes with everything she needs the doll, cup and potty she is hard plastic and bendable. The song she sings is at a perfect volume and we have not noted any difficulties with little hands activating it.

she comes with a tshirt and training pants minimal clothes to mirror our kids at potty training she is meant to help teach if Dora can do it, well maybe I can to :) Her speak button is on her chest and easily accessible for the little one.

she sings a little song to let you know when she is ready to sit on the potty and while sitting she sings a catchy little song to let you know how excited she is to be a big girl. The box comes with instructions on how to go online to get some little extra incentives for the little one training in progress. 
**Recommended for ages 2+**

Dora Multi Bin Toy Organizer:
Now who could not use another place to store those toys, I know in my house I need alot of place to put toys and books so an organizer was the perfect addition to eliminate some clutter. Before you start you need to pull out and review directions and make sure you have some simple tools available(screwdriver).
This is Miss Trinity attempting to separate all the items from inside the box it comes with the foldable mesh style baskets with stabilizer bottoms, the dora wood sides and dowels to put together to create organizer as well as the needed screws.

The box is compact and does require assembly to create the cute and ever so useful organizer. I like the fact it has so many bins all levels different sizes and it could virtually be used as a store all. My kids like this because it holds dolls and blocks and everything is in its own seperated container 

All items in this post were provided complimentary to me through the company stated, receiving the products does not sway my opinion on said products. In my opinion the products are and do what is said, my opinion is my own and other opinions may differ. 

Saturday, December 15, 2012

Mrs Fields SnowMan cookie Jar GIVEAWAY!!

This Review/Giveaway is done by Kathy's Freebies & Savings Happy Holidays everyone! I can't believe how fast Christmas is approaching. It's been snowing here in Wisconsin for a few days now. I just love the snow, how about you? Nothing is better than having some hot chocolate and cookies during the winter season. Have you tried Mrs Fields cookies yet? They are the most soft and delicious cookies ever! I received the Mrs Fields Winter Flurry Snowman to review. I couldn't believe how adorable this was. The snowman has on a hat and scarf, which makes this even more adorable. The snowman comes apart in three sections. It came with a bunch of different cookies, peppermint taffy and brownie bites. Everything was absolutely delicious. 102_2937   I know your mouth is watering already but.. These are the softest cookies I have had ever. I've always tried to make my own cookies soft, but it never ends up right. I really loved the brownie bites and the cinnamon sugar cookies. Those were some of the best cinnamon sugar cookies I have ever had. Don't they look delicious? The brownie bites with the chocolate chips in them were so good. They were made with the perfect amount of chocolate and were soft and chewy. Best brownies I have ever had as well! cookiesIf you're still looking for a gift for Christmas, check out all of Mrs Fields goodies. I don't think you will be disappointed. They have a lot of different items to choose from, so it doesn't just have to be for Christmas..think about that birthday or anniversary coming up. They have many goodies to buy for every occasion! Why not order yours today?
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...   Disclosure: I receive these products in exchange for a review. The opinions are all my own and may differ from yours. The life and Times of a Stay at home MOM :) is not responsible for prize shipment.

**Miss Body Butter**REVIEW and GIVEAWAY!!!

     I love this time of year, the weather changing, some of us see snow some see rain. I live in the not-so-sunny California and, I, like many women have ever changing skin like ever changing weather. I'm always on the prowl for the newest and best in skin care and love to experiment but I want to keep it as natural as possible, the least amount of additives the better.
     While searching I came across this NEW (to me) line of skincare and it really peaked my senses "Handmade salt and sugar scrubs" using the finest ingredients and natural..WOW you dont see that often.. Natural and using what most of us use on a regular basis without adding something that would be harmful to our skin..LOVE IT. I was so intrigued I contacted the Miss Body Butter company so I could investigate it for myself and I am so happy I did.
Logo Miss Body Butter
      Like I said this Miss Body Butter is a company that stands behind their product and believe in using all natural products that we are already using, not tested on animals and use vegetarian ingredients.

The Miss Body Butter company was gracious enough to provide me with a review product and I could not have been more pleased with their choice.

P1010660 This sea scrub Aphrodite's Embrace Salt Scrub contains products such as brazillion sea salt (evaporated Atlantic Sea water), Hawaiian pink passion sea salt(blue pacific ocean) as well as other natural oils and jasmine fragrance. It works great to exfoliate dead skin and rejuvenate the skin especially helpful in winter. It brightens and softens your skin and leaves a very soft jasmine smell. I use it on my heels of my feet as well as the palms of my hands and just love the soft smell.Safe for all skin types.

P1010651The next product I got to try was the Tropical Oasis sugar scrub which contains Demerara sugar(large grain unrefined sugar, brown sugar) and other essential oils and powders(coconut, jasmine, oatmeal) as well has that perfect hint of jasmine, very relaxing and soft. This is safe for all skin types and the sugar scrub helps moisturize and repair damaged skin. Perfect for in-climate weather where your skin really takes a toll to strong temperatures. It can be used on any part of the body and it works great when you apply it to dry skin to sloth off the dead skin while the oils leave your skin nice and soft.
P1010667The final product I had the privilege of trying was the My Lady's Mischief Body Butter, and let me tell has an amazing scent, definitely a girly product, contains shea butter beeswax and other essential oils with a vanilla sandalwood fragrance. This is a great product to reduce the look of stretch marks(yep we all have them), it is a great moisturizer and it blends into the skin very well and holds to it. Its great for those who live in harsh temperatures. Very moisturizing and safe for most skin types.

     Of course while trying to do this review my computer decided it was going to work against me rather than with me so I did use the photos associated with the company and their website.(sorry) I really enjoyed the products and have learned alot about scrubs and hope I made some good points to my readers.
 ***Disclaimer: I did receive the products complimentary associated with above stated company to try and review on my blog, In no way did it sway my opinion or create a false review. I review products and will only give MY OPINION, it may differ from someone else but I am happy with stated product and feel it has been fully stated to be true IMO***

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Wednesday, December 12, 2012

**Mineral Hygienics REVIEW**

     I had the opportunity to review a variety of products that Mineral Hygienics offers and was happily surprised. I, as a busy mom, do not have too much time in a usual day to run to the cosmetics and apply everything needed nor do I feel that everyday I need to. I like ease and simplicity in my routine but when it comes to cosmetics I need a product that really benefits me but not too dramatically and can outlast my day.

     I am a typical redhead, with light skin not oily or easily broken out, some freckles but not prominent and show some signs of aging. I like a product that goes on easily without much mess or fuss and can be removed just as easily. I like my normal routine to consist of foundation and a bronzer for a little color but not overwhelming. Being a redhead I already have some color to my cheeks so for myself I don't blush and apply lips and eyes when I'm going somewhere.
     I appreciate a company that really stands behind there product and notes that they are in it for the consumer rather than their pocket, this company offers testimonials behind their product and value honest opinions.
     Like I stated I had the opportunity to review 4 products of their product line and want to express how soft and free of harmful ingredients these products are.
color to the top on hand
Like I stated Im very light skinned so the fairly light foundation was a great match for my skin, it was easy to apply with a brush, very even and long lasting. They offer a color match guarantee and strive for customer satisfaction with an awesome customer service, very helpful and well qualified. 

color to right on hand
This is the light foundation and found the color very comparable to the fairly light and is a perfect match for my skin. Like the other, it is long lasting and easy to apply, it provides great coverage and is very gentle on skin and celebrity endorsed.

color to bottom on hand
Like the rest of their products sheer perfection finishing powder is exceptional, so easy to apply and long lasting, minimal ingredients(Titanium Dioxide, Iron Oxides, Mica and Zinc Oxide) it is very soft and subtle and doesn't even look like you are wearing any product. The color is so soft you can barely see it on my hand:)

The final product I reviewed was the Cool Kiss bronzer it WAS NOT the product I requested..BUT.. I was equally happy with the product, not only the color but the finish. It is said for those with "fair skin" I do not have fair skin my skin tone is super lite with really NO noticeable problems and my concern was that this would be too dark. So when I applied it I was extremely surprised by not only the color but how extremely sparkly I was when applied. If you can see it was very light in color and blended well, the shine came from the color I just love the glitter look.

So, my question this something you are looking for?? If you are.. here is where you can find
 them as well as i have links throughout my review as shortcuts
**mention "calichristy2" as a coupon code and save 10%**

**My opinion of the products mentioned are MY OPINION and may differ from others. I did receive the product to review and was not offered any other compensation for my review and my review was not swayed by receiving the product to review.**

Sunday, December 9, 2012

**ShiZnits**the NEW Cuddle Monster friend

     I have to say "I" had never heard of  ShiZnits before searching on the internet and I have been missing out. I know, you ask...
     "What is a ShiZnits?" A shiznits is a super cute, child friendly, cuddle plush pillow. Each has its own personality and style, they are made of high quality material and made right here in the USA. These cute little creatures are perfect for any occasion, holiday gift or just a thinking of you moment. The ShiZnits are perfect for a loved one for comforting a tough time or just brightening up a rough day. These are silly little monsters meant to put a smile on a face not a scare.
"With persistence, success is inevitable.""I've come to find you are your own truest friend.""Life is like surfing— just go with the flow!"
     I did receive the shiznits Mabel for review purposes and she"tries to not sweat the small stuff." It makes a perfect travel companion and friend, its quite eye catching and bold.
Mabel has been bag stuffed feet, well stitched and bold material

Has a bold bright green squiggle mouth and fangs(thus monster) or teeth

the hair is twisted cord like rounded at bottom sewn into top of pillow

They are labeled with their meaning and ideas for use and individually named

The newest item the shiZnits company came up with was a story book called "little book of wisdom" it just provides a little pick me up with words to ponder and create a little bit of advice to think before you speak or not to dwell on your issues..tomorrow is a new day, smile and chug along :)

This is Mabel she is our friendly monster and her motto is "to be a good listener." Doesn't everyone need one of those, I know i do :) Look at those button eyes she just looks like a good listener!! These are recommended for ages 4 and up because of the buttons for eyes, as with any toy , parent supervision is a must. 

**The product was received for review purposes and as far as my review my opinions are my own and were not swayed by receiving the product. The product "does" and "is" as stated. **

Monday, December 3, 2012

Warmly Yours Towel Warmer Giveaway!

WarmlyYours Barcelona Towel Warmer Review and Giveaway! 12/3- 12/10

Review and Giveaway by Real Reviews by Savvy K!

In the winter, I always hate taking showers in the morning! It is always so cold in my apartment when I wake up that I can not wait to get in the warm shower, but when it's time to get out, I am colder than I was when I got in! The WarmlyYours Barcelona Towel Warmer definitely changes up my perspective on those morning showers!

The Barcelona Towel Warmer is manufactured with a flawless brushed stainless steel finish to ensure lasting beauty and durability. It has 8 sleek horizontal bars that can easily dry and warm large towels or bathrobes. Designed as a freestanding unit, giving you the flexibility to use it in virtually any room of your home – bathroom, laundry room, or even in a dorm room. The towel warmer is not very big, 24” W x 36” H, so it isn't very bulky. They also have many versions of wall mounted towel warmers for smaller bathrooms! They also have a 2 year warranty on the Barcelona Towel Warmer! How awesome is that! "WarmlyYours towel warmers are backed by a 2-year No-Nonsense Warranty and come with our highly recognized lifetime 24/7 technical support."

Now being that I have never actually used or owned a towel warmer I was a skeptic at first. A plug in towel warmer in the bathroom? Isn't it dangerous and doest it actually work? Well, I would say yes and no. If you get this too close to the shower/bath of course it will be just as dangerous as any plug in device. (Ex: Your hair straightener or blow dryer.) So, be sure to keep this at a safe distance in your bathroom when using. As for the question does it work? It goes above and beyond expectations for me!

The Barcelona Towel Warmer itself was very easy to set up and construct. It comes with the legs off so you have to put them on yourself, which was super easy! You don't even need any tools! It honestly took me about 5 minutes total to put together, which was awesome because I wanted to use it right away! I love that it has this sleek, brushed stainless steel finish that is very chic and modern looking! Another great thing I love about this towel warmer is that it heats VERY quickly! I turned it on yesterday morning to warm up my towels so it would be nice and toasty when I got out. :) I was in a hurry and late, so my shower was very quick, 5-10min max. When I got out, My towel was warm and cozy! Now, give you it was not one of those thick and large cotton towels, it was very warm and I have no complaints!

( Ignore the small packing foam bits on the floor :) )

What my fiance loves about the towel warmer is that it can also be doubled as a blanket warmer! That's a 2-for-1 deal! My fiance loves to throw is favorite Texas Longhorn throw on the warmer when he gets home from work, change into some comfy clothes and grab a snack, and about 10 minutes later- he is snuggled up with it on the couch watching his favorite channel, The NFL Network! lol I also love to use this as a blanket warmer and it can fit more than one blanket! The 8 bars on the Barcelona Towel Warmer help heat the blankets faster and gives more room to fit two of our couch throws.

The WarmlyYours company also offers many other products including appliances for the bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, basement and outdoors! One of their products that I also would love to try is the Radiant Panel heating Lava Mirror! This mirror not only is a wonderful piece to hang in your home, but it heats it as well! It would be a perfect money saver in the winter to help with those heating bills I know we all dread!

Now how about a giveaway! I know you could all use one with these winter months coming up! Enter using the Rafflecopter below! Good luck!

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*Disclaimer: This review and giveaway is done by Real Reviews by Savvy K who received this product for an honest review. Our blog is not responsible for the shipment of this prize.