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Thursday, August 9, 2012

BookReview..The Dawn of Saudi..In Search for Freedom by Homa Pourasgari

I had the privilege of reading your book "The Dawn of Saudi" as being a Business2Blogger reader and writer. 
     When I first started reading the book i was very intrigued and captivated  by reading this fiction book. It started off being so realistic in the way it was written, very in depth writing that I had no problem following along with the story line. It was portrayed the main character, Sahar , as a very dominant figure in the book she was mentioned from beginning to end. When Dawn came into play and was mentioned I was curious how she tied into the story but as I was reading it was very apparent who "Dawn" was and why she had been mentioned but was not a key player at the beginning. I enjoyed the "Jason" character as he really didnt fit in with any of the characters, he was a businessmen and he was very open in relationships, he became the very caring and compassionate character. I thought, you, as the author really had a fantastic way of writing as I felt pulled into the story. This book started off as reading when i had that brief moment, to a cant put it down till I was finished. 
     It was very enjoyable reading, not enjoyable to the pain and hurt, but enjoyable as an eye opening of a different culture in recent time. The three characters really had a way of meshing through the book. 
     Thank you for allowing me to read and enjoy your writing, as well Thank you for signing my book:)
Christy Karch
The Dawn of Saudi: In Search for Freedom

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