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Friday, August 10, 2012

Book Review #2 Cancer on the brain by Jay Lefevers

     I received this book as a review and this was only my second time reviewing a book, so mind you "it can only get better".

     This book is a memoir written by the same person this book is about and what a miraculous story he tells. It starts off with alot many of us know about, the inept of our healthcare system but particularly some doctors. The auther had a true heart and his heart was very much involved in his writing from his first notices of a problem to not letting that problem get him down. I think with all that he accomplished and shared not only with his family and friends but the "troubled" kids he was involved with his true passion prevails. This book is a memoir so it tells of his struggles, his ups and downs, his hurt and happiness and the truth he was a "TRUE" fighter and wasnt going to let any illness get him down. His passion for the kids was awe inspiring, his ability to bring his company to a higher level was outstanding, being able to keep the family together and never giving up is something alot of us should follow.
     If you are looking for a true book on courage that will put a smile on your face and a smile in your heart look no further.

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