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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Leap Frog Leap Pad2 coming :)

     OK... so last year the hottest new toy to come out was the Leap Pad and the other tablet by VTech. I like many procrastinated and ended up missing out on the preorder then when it came down to it had to settle on a pink one for my son(he nor I really cared what color it was, as it is just a game). I went to many stores, visited many websites and stalked many store sites with the hope Id be able to land one under our tree that was indeed meant for a boy and the pink one would go to my daughter. But, it just didn't work out that way, I was happy we got the pink one after all if I waited I wouldn't have any.
     The Leapfrog is a very individualized game, the child has the ability to use it as an adult would use a iPad. It has a wide screen completely touch panel, bright colors, takes pics and videos, plays games, has added apps to purchase and activities for many age groups. Am I disappointed it was pink?NO, he didn't care and him and my daughter have a ton of fun playing with it. This is an award winning educational tablet, built for kids with the most modern technology in mind.
     Today when I opened my email I had a notification LeapPad2 is on PreOrder...REALLY!!! So no procrastinating for me I hoped on and joined the LeapPad2 group and bought early to be sure not only that I got one but that I got the one I wanted. So..if you are like me and know how important educational toys are to your kids this is a must have for Christmas(at least in my house). If interested I know a few sites that it is still available you can follow my links..
Leap Frog has in bundles if you are interested in accessories to go with your LeapPad2 
Walmart does have it available in green or pink Walmart LeapPad2

Target has both colors as well as a preorder Target LeapPad2

So if you are interested, dont drag your feet they wont be around for long. The average price is $99.99 and will become available on August 1st 2012, with a preorder it is a guarantee otherwise it is first come first served.
 LeapFrog LeapPad2 Explorer - Green

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