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Friday, May 25, 2012

Kids sick-League of Dreams

     My kids had been sick for about a month till we could "finally" hit the nail on the head. After my daughter had "whooping cough", my son got pneumonia, my daughter got pneumonia, my son got bronchitus, my daughter still sick my son got put in hospital and tested for "influenza virus" the virus that causes the flu..his treatment was IV meds and fluid thru the night, come home w no meds or antibiotics. The 2 days we spent in hospital was all the 2 of them needed to kick the illness.Yeahhh.
     The season for League of Dreams is over, short but sweet, but with it getting hotter baseball would be too much for MOST of these kids. The kids started off the season with a BBQ, games for 6 weeks, and ended with a BBQ and donation drive. The kids were able to play for free this season and the hope for the donation drive would provide these kids the opp to play again with free or reduced rates for many seasons to come. The GoodWill truck picked up the donated bins and we raised a good amount approx $1400 to benefit the kids and their endeavors. I had two kids playing and its a very busy 6 weeks.
My kids were in 2 different age brackets, my youngest his first time, my oldest a returning player. All the kids in this group have a disability of some sort whether it be mild to severe they all get together and play a very relaxed game of baseball.
     They also offer swimming lessons in a heated pool for those kids that really arent acquainted with the water yet. My youngest would love to always be in the water, while my oldest doesnt like swimming. The lessons were 2 days a week for 4 weeks, the first month being free, the 2nd month I got on a citywide DailyDeal, outside of that the lessons are $85 a month in a heated pool taught by lifegaurds. This is a GREAT group for those of us with kids that are just a lil more "special".

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