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Friday, April 20, 2012

Our League of Dreams

     Is an organization that provides the "means" for children of ALL disabilities to participate in a team sport. As a mom of a 16 year old child with multiple disabilities this is a great "social activity" for these children to join in.

 Ive participated in this organization for baseball as well as basketball, many of these children require "angels" which is an assistant to the kids. There is no push and shove, there is no name calling or bad feelings with or towards these kids. Many of these kids have never been involved in a team sport before joining the league of Dreams so to some this is overwhelming but to all this is "Gratifying". The kids a s well as adults enjoy this and it brings so many community members together.

     Opening ceremonies were held this past weekend, and it was a stunning turnout, 150+ participants was unheard of especially when it was started the turnout was 60. The group received a grant so all the kids were able to play with a waived fee this season, as well as the groundbreaking for a new field. The new field is made of a rubberized material which enables children in wheelchairs and walkers the ability to play without the risk of injury due to an uneven diamond and and its an all surface field so it doesnt tear up the walkers or wheelchairs..
     For this group to stay on top of all these kids it does take many community sponsors, one of which we met on Sunday(ok I didnt meet him but my youngest son shook his hand) that was Rep Kevin McCarthey, he made a speech then was involved in pictures as well as throwing the first ball. Many of the kids had no clue who he was all they wanted to do was get the games started and eat lunch =) Mick Maggard and founder  Tim Terrio were also in attendance. As well as the weatherman, Kevin Charette, my oldest did get a pic with him

     This season runs through Mothers Day and the kids play on Sundays, anyone interested living in Bakersfield are more than welcome to come cheer the kids on. This kids are very inspirational and its a great time for all involved. Any info ill post the website, if you know someone with a child with disabilities this is a great organization to join in.
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