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Friday, April 20, 2012

Gotta LOVE the 99 cent store

     Im so glad the 99cent store came to my city I just cant get past the bargains I just might find!! Over the years the surprises have been hit or miss and lots of times I would go in and really not find alot that I needed or really were just not quality. Its a great store for odds and ends, they have a good size toy section with cheap toys to put  a smile on that childs face. Its always been a staple for birthday parties for classmates or just a reward for a good job. You can often times find special cleaning supplies some name brand some not so, I honestly do not buy cleaning products from here, because the size package really is not money worthy.
     They have a decent fresh produce section, with lots of pre packed vegs and potatoes, they have a decent bread section with many styles and types of breads and all for under a $1 its far better than what you would pay in grocery store. They have a large candy and snack aisle that is always good for that sweet tooth. By far you do have to be a good shopper to realize what you are getting for that "bargain price." I dont too often get any canned items, often times seen that items might be real close to exp date, dented, or some unknown brand.. and lately they have had some name brand but smaller versions. I just enjoy browsing the aisles for that little treasure I might find.
     Ive noticed lately my store has made some changes, one of which is putting a set of shelves in front of the store with TONS of good buys. Generally this shelf contains, name brands eevrything from cookies, to crackers and anything in between..

as a mom of 4 I search for bargains and my kids love snacks, cereals anything that is easily accessible and easy to take along. I check dates on EVERYTHING nott hat the items last that long in my cabinet but dont want anything expired. I often find pudding and yogurt multi packs and that works in my home because it saves me a couple dollars.
      I found the 8pack of cereal General mills breakfast pack, it comes with a variety of not so tiny cereals of which my kids can pick what they want with milk or without.  (bought7)
      Granola bars are good for on the go energy with my kids having an active lifestyle granola bars are very useful. The Quaker smashbar are really good never seen them before but they are a graham cereal with pretzels and chocolate.(bought4)
      The Planters are multi nut variety with almonds, cashews and other mixed nuts. The Planters Nutrition canister is a variety of fruit and nut pieces, excellent for snacking not overly salty.(bought3)
     Quaker Quakes rice cakes sweet mix in caramel corn, chocolate and apple cinnamin, I bought these for me =) I like rice cakes just dont like the price in the store so this was right up my alley.(bought6)
     Often times they only allow you to purchase a limit amount of an item , and the LIPTON was one such. It was one per shopper, it is green tea pomegranate blackberry. With summer coming along it will be great for those hot days and something quick to make.(got2 =))
     The cookies are something in my home the kids get after dinner or after school and it seems I never have enough often times they have oreo and Chips Ahoy a variety of flavors and these are the big packs. My kids are not picky when it comes to cookies.(buy4 at a time).
     Last but not least in my picture are Coffee mate creamer I drink ALOT of coffee so when I find these I stock up on them, honestly they dont have them often, but when they do I stock up. Its given me a variety of creamers to try, some Id like again some I can do without. These are so expensive in store but so necessary to my day. These are Cafe Latte, just a milka nd cream version, is good no complaints from me.
     Next time you are around a 99cent store, stop and take a look you might find some real treasures =)

Our League of Dreams

     Is an organization that provides the "means" for children of ALL disabilities to participate in a team sport. As a mom of a 16 year old child with multiple disabilities this is a great "social activity" for these children to join in.

 Ive participated in this organization for baseball as well as basketball, many of these children require "angels" which is an assistant to the kids. There is no push and shove, there is no name calling or bad feelings with or towards these kids. Many of these kids have never been involved in a team sport before joining the league of Dreams so to some this is overwhelming but to all this is "Gratifying". The kids a s well as adults enjoy this and it brings so many community members together.

     Opening ceremonies were held this past weekend, and it was a stunning turnout, 150+ participants was unheard of especially when it was started the turnout was 60. The group received a grant so all the kids were able to play with a waived fee this season, as well as the groundbreaking for a new field. The new field is made of a rubberized material which enables children in wheelchairs and walkers the ability to play without the risk of injury due to an uneven diamond and and its an all surface field so it doesnt tear up the walkers or wheelchairs..
     For this group to stay on top of all these kids it does take many community sponsors, one of which we met on Sunday(ok I didnt meet him but my youngest son shook his hand) that was Rep Kevin McCarthey, he made a speech then was involved in pictures as well as throwing the first ball. Many of the kids had no clue who he was all they wanted to do was get the games started and eat lunch =) Mick Maggard and founder  Tim Terrio were also in attendance. As well as the weatherman, Kevin Charette, my oldest did get a pic with him

     This season runs through Mothers Day and the kids play on Sundays, anyone interested living in Bakersfield are more than welcome to come cheer the kids on. This kids are very inspirational and its a great time for all involved. Any info ill post the website, if you know someone with a child with disabilities this is a great organization to join in.
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Thursday, April 12, 2012

I cant tell you how excited I was to see this message in my inbox this morning...WHAT A SHOCK!! I grew up using Coppertone and have been a user of this on my kids since babies. I filled out an application a while back and was told if chosen I would get an email...WELL today was my day(maybe i should buy a LOTTO ticket :)) From what I understand this is semi-similar to an ambassadorial program and it is by invitation only. I would love to invite everyone but that is not an option as of yet. It is getting to be summer and who cant use some good protection. I will keep everyone up to date if an opp does come up.
"As a member of the Coppertone® Water MOMS group, I receive product samples and promotional items to share and use as I see fit.  No monetary compensation has taken place and any opinions expressed by me are honest and reflect my actual experience." 

**Palmolive Fresh Sponge**

     Ive fortunately received many terrific products from many different companies over the years and each time a company reaches out for consumer opinion Im elated to provide the feedback. I belong to an influencial group called the "Influensters " I was selectively chosen to test this product and provide my honest feedback.
     The Palmolive Fresh sponge is a dishwashing liquid specifically formulated to prevent that sponge you use from becoming the stinky mess that you try to freshen up and end up throwing in the garbage. I am one of those "handwashing moms" I prefer to use a soapy sponge rather than use the dishwasher not just for convenience but for energy efficiency. Using a dishwasher you wait till the load is filled, use a ton of water, then have to wait for the dishes to dry or cool off, then you have to hand clean the dishes that didnt get clean..handwashing i wasnt having to wait for anything, soap a sponge wash n scrub dishes done and dried in a few minutes and far cleaner. I prefer a sponge than a towel, the towel has no scrubbing abilities, where the sponge i use has a scrubby side and a soft side. A towel you throw in washing machine to freshen up but the sponge....well.... it doesnt matter how many times you wring it or microwave it the all seem to pick up that funky odor. The new Palmolive Fresh Sponge is formulated to give that sponge a longer life and prevent the stink.
     When opening the product I was thinking something was going to be different about the soap smells just like Palmolive does, it looks the same, its tough on grease and gentle on hands, and is phosphate free. It states the dual action formula is what makes it unique but between you and me ..its MAGIC :) I did receive my package on mOnday 04/09/2012 and have been using it since then in approx  7 sinks of dishes and the sponge has no smell, the soap is just as tough on dishes and im very happy to say BYE BYE to that stinky sponge :) Thank you influenster for this great opportunity.

I was given this product complimentary for testing purposes from Colgate-Palmolive via the Influenster program.