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Saturday, March 17, 2012

‘“Venus & Olay Razor"

     I received this razor being a member of an influential group called "influensters VoxBox program." I loved this razor by Gillette, it has 5 blades to get a closer shave and has a moisture bar to soften skin while shaving.
I like that it has an easy to hold handle for less slipping and dropping(I cant tell you how many other brands have slipped from my hand and broke on shower floor) makes it easier to get a better shave when you can hold on to the handle. I love the Olay moisture bar, it leaves my skin so soft and smooth with just enough lather that I know Im getting a good shave without the nicks. When you rinse off it just feels so soft and clean, you legs feel wonderful like you've spent a lot more time on them than you have. I always look for razors with a moisture bar, I live in California, I only have two seasons HOT and COLD, so my skin needs all the moisture possible. Im glad Gillette and Olay teamed up to make this product, two great products in one, ts a one of a kind product. You can buy the replacement blades at almost any drug store, including Walmart and Target, but dont look for this product on store shelves until it hits the markets on March 15, 2012. For any info on Gillette or any product they make, make sure you visit their website
Coming Soon! Refillable System with Venus and Olay

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