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Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Ghirardelli Chocolate squares

Can I get a Yummmmm!!
The campaign for Ghirardelli squares opened up for the Blogger Society and I jumped at the chance to try them. Ghirardelli chocolates have been a decedant favorite in my book for some time. I originally tried the Ghirardelli chocolate at Christmas time, they make an awesome, seasonal flavor, with peppermint pieces and white chocolate. If youve ever visited the website there is every flavor combination for every palate including seasonal flavors which may not be in your store you can still buy it here.
My Ghirardelli box came on, none other than Valentines Day, and you wouldn't believe all my "lil Valentines" who couldnt wait to try them. The box came I opened it in the kitchen and all my lil "sniffers " came running to see what momma got today. How can you hide Chocolate in the home of kids, WELL you can't, 3 lil hands come out "candy, candy." Needless to say, my "CANDY" didnt last long, but I did get to try it to give my honest opinion...My opinion is..YUMMMM. The chocolate is individually wrapped, perfect for a "pick-me-up" adds a little treat in the perfect size. I dont know if its will power or kids but "one is enough for the time" but if you want another you have to hide some. The chocolate was smooth and satisfying, the creme filling blended well and matched the flavor of the chocolate.
Thought he chocolates didnt last long in my home i've determined they are the perfect treat for young or old, pretty much anytime of the day. They are sold at many retailers, as well as on the counters at Michaels, they are a reasonable price and are a premium chocolate company that has been in business for 160 years, is produced in US with shops in California to Wisconsin(not all states included between).

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