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Thursday, November 10, 2011

MommyParties-Crest-OralB #MommyParties

I recently signed up with a group called MommyParties, its a group of Mommy consumers who hold HouseParties about kids products of all varieties. Ive got kids, Ive got a day care, and Ive got kid neighbors as well as a day care and run a play group with kids. The Mommy Party I was chosen to host had a variety of ages I could choose but the party itself is about Oral health and Hygiene. OralB and Crest are the sponsors, 2 very well known companies who have been around since I was a kid, over the years both companies have opened their business to adversity and made a market for kids from tooth paste to mouth wash.
     I applied to host this party party 10 days ago and to my surprise my application was accepted and I got my acceptance email today. My party pack will be here in roughly 2 weeks and contains a great amount of items aimed at kids(5+) so I cant wait to GET THIS PARTY STARTED!! My kit will contain:
Oral-B Stage III Brushes
• (11) Pro-Health FOR ME Brushes
• (11) Oral-B Stages Flossers
• (11) Pro-Health FOR ME Paste
• (11) Pro-Health FOR ME Floss Picks
• (11) Pro-Health FOR ME Rinse
• (11) Cars II Gummy Vitamins
• Disney’s Cars II Movie DVD
• Recipe & Activity Ideas
• Cars II Playdate Invites
• Balloons
• Popcorn/boxes for guests
• Guest Gift Bags
     I as a mom and consumer, am very excited about this project as so many families are so used to certain products and dont take the time to experiment with new option available on the market. I have purchased the new ProHealth for me products, as my kids love the taste of the toothpaste, its not overpowering in mintyness, the flossers are great just to carry around in a diaper bag or purse, and the Cars Gummies..Really who could go wrong with Gummy Vitamins??
     Cant wait for my kit to arrive and cant wait for my get together!

Sunday, November 6, 2011

Special Olympics Bowling

     What a team we have here in Kern County as a mom of a Special Needs..I LOVE the organization. It allows all of our strong minded and abled bodied children to enjoy some of the favorite things that other kids their age do. Kern County has a very good group of kids and they all try so hard each has made significant progress in their abilities and coordination. Every year I see some faces come and some faces go, some for the good some for the bad. I have been a volunteer mom coach for 11 years now I spend my time with my child as well as other children on the team, and mind you child is not meant literally as some of our players range from 8-65. The SO gets to attend tournaments they go out of town for such and the amount is very limited due to the budget. They are ranked on their abilities and scores rather than if they can lift a ball and throw. There are NO NEGATIVE remarks on my team, we play for fun and I want them to understand you are here to HAVE FUN!!
      Anyways bowling is over for the season, everyone got medals or tropheys, everyone got noticed at the last game, everyone got to play BEAT THE COACHES.Just hope to see many of the same faces come next season, they all playedso well and had such a great time. WAY TO GO KERN COUNTY!!