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Monday, August 22, 2011

Compleats Kids Pasta dinners & SheSpeaks Blogger Opp

What a great party we had we had my day care kids, my kids, my neighbors kids and my neighbors day care. I had enough for every child and the variety was phenomenal the kids just couldnt decide what they wanted and what their favorite was. We had a pool party(kiddie pools) As far as their favorite I think Ravioli beat out all. I was given this wonderful opportunity by SheSpeaks being a blogger and had a wonderful turnout. The kids were able to eat, dance, color and give the most valued opinion..Their OWN. My camera is having issues and my computer isnt helping. I will still try to post pictures.
    The new Compleats Kids pasta dinners are such a good product for the lil ones, they are filling enough for a meal and so much variety. The texture is soft and the dinners are all related to pasta,  containing chicken or beef. 

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