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Monday, August 22, 2011

Bzzagent: Car MD Vehicle Health SYSTEM

As a Bzzagent I get some very outstanding opportunities and this was one that I had NO IDEA about(the vehicle novice). I received the opportunity to provide my insite on this little Car MD there was a small fee included in this campaign but after reading up on it, it was too good to pass up. This is handheld and it attaches in your car and provides input on your vehicles health system. I, not being a mechanic, dont know the first thing about a car, let alone an engine. You hook this up to your car and then you plug into your computer and it comes up with all information in regards to the fix of your car, it gives you the problem and the solution and tells the estimate to fix the problem. You do have to download the software and the VIN #,s on your car, but anything that can save you some time and running around is PROOF for me. I did try it on both of my vehicles and .. They both passed with flying colors(yeah). Thank you Bzzagent for this great opp and if any of my readers would like PLease join me and become a Bzzagent.

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