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Monday, July 25, 2011

**Just another day :)**School Prep!

Well school is about one month away and so much to tackle before that time. Ive accomplished the "Haircuts" for both of my boys thank you to "Great clips" and some good clippers. My youngest boy will start Pre-K, he is ready , backpack, lunch box and all. My older son will be a Sophomore in H.S and he, by choice, will return with his previous years backpack. My 15 yr old will become a coach's helper for football this year, to allow him to participate in school sports he maintains a 3.2 GPA and is severely handicapped (mentally) and Thanks to a great teacher and coach he will be an assistant to his teacher. Ive been lucky to have a good ability to communicate with his teacher and express to him of my desire to have Jordan participate in a school sport.  Jordan will be returning to bowling with Special Olympics on August 2nd and that should have no impact on his school sport. We have taken time off from Horseback riding for the time being with as hot out as it is. We are involved with the kids and sports and are already looking into the participation of my daughter...Tap looks promising  :)

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