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Monday, July 25, 2011

**Bad News** Hope for the best..Need Luck!!

 Its been touch and go for about a year. He was released from his previous employer after a run of 5 yrs with the company. On and off unemployment benefits  for the last year very touch and go with the mortgage. He has taken one day jobs with his "Labor Union" as offered and qualified. We lost our "medical insurance" in Feb 2011, due to lack of hours needed. He picked up"temp"  a job in May 2011 which looked promising and gave us the ability to return our kids to our insurance plan. In July of 2011 we got a call from his previous employer...begging him to return to his previous as his job was "temp" we figured GREAT!! He put in his 1 week notice(which is required thru the labor union) he came home after working till Friday , excited about returning to previous employer. That day we ran and did errands  and he came home and took a nap. At 6pm the phone rings, its his previous employer, He calls to say "OOhh I cant rehire you cause if I do some employees will quit!! Afraid he will get more work than them since he does have more experience and has always been more reliable and able to fix equiptment other people felt him to be a threat. My question is.... Seriously..Hes the boss and he is letting the other employees decide who is and isnt going to be hired. Not a very Good boss in my opinion...very upset about this situation...

he may have a new job come Monday or at the latest the following week..He did a temp job again and the "temp"boss was impressed with his work..SOOO fingers crossed he gets this job!!

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