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Monday, June 6, 2011

**Woolite Complete Laundry Detergent**

I had the great opportunity to Product Test The Woolite Complete for Cold water HE washing machines on my new Energy star HE Cold water Washing Machine also a Product Test. The detergent had a light scent not overpowering just very subtle. It was clear in color no dyes were added had just the right consistency in thickness. I use just under a half cap full when added to the water at start of wash in produced plenty of suds to guarantee a clean load of laundry. It keeps your colors just what the colors should be, no bleeding or running of colors. I found it to be safe on all fabrics used that includes baby clothes and baby items. I want to thank the company for these 2 great products but due to my contract and privacy regulation I do have to keep the company and name PRIVATE.

Special Olympics Golf Tourney Valencia (4/2011)

This tourney was held in Valencia in April, the weather was nice and the turnout was GREAT.  My son has been a participant in Special Olympics for years but this is the first year faithfully he has attended All the tournaments. His partner (Don Peeler) is his former bowling coach and they practice every Tuesday together. They play a 9hole game, eat lunch and then receive their awards. In this tourney he received a GOLD. We are soo Proud!!