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Thursday, March 24, 2011

SC Johnson Smart and Easy Spring Cleaning Campaign

     I love being a Bzzagent because I am able to test and share my opinion of some of the most widely used products and some new to stores waiting to be used...

Scrubbing Bubbles® Mega Shower Foamer with Extend-A-Clean™
-works great in my glass shower I dont have to squeegie it everytime someone uses it, that saves alot of time.

Scrubbing Bubbles® Toilet Cleaning Gel
-looks like lil gel blob on toilet bowl, put near rim it says lasts a week, but it depends on how often that room is used. Makes the toilet easier to clean in a pinch.

PlugIns® Scented Oil refill bottle
- now fits both Glade and Airwick scented oil warmers. Long lasting scent, clean and not overpowering.

Pledge® Lemon Clean
-Has been around for a long time it makes dusting easier I use it on everything from floor to ceiling fan.

Thank you for the great opportunity Bzzagent and anyone who views my blog is more than welcome to join just go to my post on product testing and sign up at my link.

Celebrating 50 years with CoverGirl :)


If you are like me and enjoy the wide erray of products CoverGirl offers..Help me Help You celebrate 50 years with CoverGirl!!

Sunday, March 13, 2011

League Of Dreams for Children with Special needs

     What an exciting day, for my Jordan and a couple hundred other children here in Kern County. It was a great turnout, pictures went smoothly, team pics went well, the kids received there team shirts and hats. My son is a Dodger his sponsor is Terrio he has a few friends he has known over the years so I got to see alot of long lost faces, so grown up. They had an opening ceremony, the anthem was sung, the first ball was thrown and the games began. Eachteam played at least 2 innings, all the kids were tired after the second inning, Jordan was stillnot feeling great but wanted to be there he was in the outfield first, caught the ball and returnedit once. When up to bat he hit a HOMERUN...yeahhh GO JORDAN!!! The second time in the outfield it took a toll on him and he proceeded to sit down so we got him into dugout and let him rest. The second time up at bat he hit it and slow trotted to 1st base and we called the game. The coach he has is pretty nice,his wife to, very friendly. This will last about 6weeks and then Baseball season is over for them.

Friday, March 11, 2011

**WHAT A WEEK**March7-11)2011

Started with a trip on Monday the 7th to Childrens Hospital in Madera for my sons routine check up. It was a long day we left here in the morning at 10am and finally made it home at at 9pm(it is a 5hr round trip). The weather was extremely windy and chilly, drive was nice and clear with little traffic. The appointments went as expected and we will make the trip again in June. On the way home the baby was kind of irritable and fussy nothing new for her though, she isnt really a traveling baby. By Tuesday we figured her fussiness was being tired from the long day before so we wrote it off as such. By Weds she awoke me at 1am, nothing out of the normal for her she still doesnt believe in sleeping through night, but would not take a bottle. By2am she took a couple sips and dozed for a few minutes to be awoken vomiting the rice she had for dinner the night before. Come 5am I wrote off my ability to sleep after all the sickness she had and low and behold its been figured to be an illness she picked up while in Madera. It makes sense after all it was pronounced after 48 hours of exposure. The FLU has taken over my home!! We all had our Flu shots HOW CAN WE HAVE THE FLU?? Simple not all strains are protected and GUESS WHAT.. yep she passed it on from her to her brother, luckily(knock on wood) me and brother #2 havent gotten it yet. It is now getting close to Saturday, the vomiting around the home has stopped, the laundry for the most part is done, and well.... Its looking like next week may be better.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

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Tuesday, March 1, 2011

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